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Discussion in 'Archived Posts' started by lollapalooza, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. lollapalooza

    lollapalooza Embryo


    Need some love for the amphibians.
  2. lollapalooza

    lollapalooza Embryo


    Thanks, good luck.
  3. BigS06

    BigS06 Embryo

    "I thought I told you no more pictures!"
  4. elysse

    elysse Embryo

    grrr, im a lion, and im stalking my prey...
  5. corey

    corey Embryo

    "Mm... food! You give me food?! Gime food! *bite* food not good, go hunt where back from..."

  6. RobertII

    RobertII Embryo

    "I just got done with the crickets.. Now its time for the katt... Here kitty kitty kitty..."
  7. papercut

    papercut Embryo

    " hey there it is again! what, what is that?"
  8. MBK_KID

    MBK_KID Embryo

    Lollapalooza: Look at the birdie!
    Leo: I don't want a bird I want a mealie!


    Lollapalooza: Look at the birdie!
    Leo: What bir- *flash*.
  9. DragonTamer

    DragonTamer Embryo

    Suddenly as he was hunting a cricket, the Pink Panther theme song played.
  10. scram

    scram Embryo

    Don't make me come over there and raise my hand up!
  11. lunatic: "SEE! SEE! MUTANT LEO... i took a picture on it.... got it! i got it! the picture is blurred, but i got it!" -having a spasm-

    guy looking at the pic: -annoyed- "..yah...last week you said you dad was Spongebob..."
  12. Jaws10A

    Jaws10A Embryo

    Leo "She will never see me coming! Ill scare her half to death"
    *as mom clearly sees the leo through the top of the hideout*
    *leo runs out*
    Leo "BOO!!!!!!!!"
    Mom "Awww he so cute"
    *begins to try and pick him up*
    Leo "NO!!!! Picking up leads to kissing and that leads to endless love!!! Curse you women!!!!"
  13. lollapalooza

    lollapalooza Embryo

    Winner! I love Pink Panther.

    Nice try everyone.
  14. DragonTamer

    DragonTamer Embryo

  15. elysse

    elysse Embryo

    *holy music plays* look! its the god of all beardies! all must bow before it!
  16. MorganaBanana

    MorganaBanana Embryo

    ha ha ha very funny guys can we stop playing god now?
    when can i get some real sunlight!?
    i am all mighty!!
  17. Cavemanpets

    Cavemanpets Embryo

    "Dont go towards the light"..... "I cant help it" .... bzzzt ( :) made me think of a bug zapper)
  18. drogon: why do you go twoards the light? is it suicide or just to fry your eyes?

    moth- i want to beome beauty... to be apart of beauty... and i will waste my life for happiness.. for just a few seconds.

    - talking to the moth flying to his reptile lamp.-


    sorry its not funny but it is meaningful... and emotional.

    another one... funnier

    "humming song playing..... "Jesus has returned to this Earth..... i always thought that beardie was the anti-crist though." *music fades.. .then red eyes start to glow....
  19. joshmitz

    joshmitz Embryo

    and the beardie god said "let there be light!...mmm, that feels nice...let me just get comfy here...what was i doing again? oh well, guess it couldn't have been that important..."
  20. Ash19

    Ash19 Embryo

    dragon - " that you? Oh, please let the voices be real this time!"

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