Mulberry Trees for Sale

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    Mulberry Trees for Sale.

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    Hello folks,
    I've got Mulberry trees for sale.
    Currently I have Red Mulberry and White Mulberry.
    The white are traditionally what they feed silkworms but they will eat other mulberries as well.
    I sell them for 29$ each, plus shipping is 8$ for 1-2 plants. So the price would be:
    $37 for one plant or $66 for 2. The plants have recently been topped to promote bushing and branching, and are between 1'-3', depending on what my hand grabs on that day.

    I also sell on several other forums and have good reviews,, I sell banana trees, but I also sell on Ebay and Etsy and have good feedback. I try to reach people who would need these through forums.

    I take paypal only.
    If interested PM me.

    Please see photos:
    Red Mulberry Trees:



    White Mulberry Trees:


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