my huge beardie 10 ft.

Discussion in 'Australian Forum' started by sparky13, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. sparky13

    sparky13 Embryo

    hey bloaks, its steve erwin here just poppin in to say hi here at the austrailian national zoo, holy fish scales my panda is attacking one of the beardies. ohh never mind that was just a tourist
  2. ryka

    ryka Embryo

    Nice try, :)

    Whats your real name? A 10 foot beardie yeah right, no one is going to beleave that without a photo and even then... Beardies are great pets, you will love the lil guy/gal to death in no time! My boss dosent like reptile but I brought Spike in one day to show her off and everyone just loves her.

  3. nickasouras

    nickasouras Embryo

    i do not think he was being serious just... silly.
  4. yea... this is kinda dumb, i think it should be removed
  5. thepogona

    thepogona Embryo

    I agree, not to be mean or whatever. But that would be awesome. - - Go to pictures; check out the "10 ft" beardie.
  6. tamara

    tamara Embryo

    Hi guys

    I am considering getting a bearded dragon and what better place to come and get info then the australian room!! Some of you guys must be familiar with them and I wanted to know what kind of pets they make and if they bite how bad is it.

  7. big_ben_134

    big_ben_134 Embryo

    beardies are great pets i have one at home they just need basic lighting and stuff go to google australia then search for care sheets
  8. Don't mock Steve Irwin dude, he was heaps sweet - as for Beardys there heaps sweet to
  9. hey year right that isant true that is impossible maybe on but that should be removed
  10. lestat

    lestat Moderator Staff Member

    nitroRcs_reptiles, Stop reviving old threads. This thread hasn't been posted in for months. Please go read the rules.

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