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Discussion in 'Turtles' started by turtlesitter, May 12, 2004.

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    Im watching a Red Eared Slider turtle for a neighbor. The turtle is in a large tank with some rocks and then some of the small fish rocks. The water is about 4-5 inches deep. And I have now turned on our cortz lights that sit under the cupboards. He seems to love those.... Anyhow....

    I have been reading up on this type of turtle, trying to find out all I can, because the gal im watching it for didn’t say much on the care, other then feeding him the pellets. What im coming across is there is a lot more care to this turtle then I think she even knows about. My biggest concern right now is that he has what I would call a "tree cottony" fuzz on his back...kinda like an algae. Its of a light gray/clear color. I just want to make sure that this turtle is ok.. and also, if there is a place or a site that I can print out information on care for this type of turtle for her.

    I just don’t want this turtle to die, like my sister-in-laws did, because of improper care for the cute little being.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    This site looked pretty good. I don't know much about them myself, so I can't imagine what the fuzzy stuff is.
    I hope this helps!
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    thanks cd... that helps... i dont know if its shell rot or not... it talks about a fuzy gray..but it seems like its apart of the shell...not floating off from the shell....

    Thanks again! :-D
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    I'm glad it helps. I wouldn't really know if it was a good site or not, because I don't really know anything about them. But it looked really informative.
    You should get on your neighbor about that! When I have somebody babysit my bearded dragons, they get a book. She should have told you more about them.
    You sound like a great petsitter though, you live anywhere near San Francisco?:D
  5. turtlesitter

    turtlesitter Embryo in the same boat...i know very little of this type of turtle...other then i know that they dont sell them here, they give them to you (well the little ones i think) as a "educational" pet, with purchase of "equipment" which is a container, food and maybe something else.

    Im glad that you do that! I feel that whoever is watching the pet needs to know what to look for, how to care for that pet. I dont think she was given the corect ways of caring for the pet when she got him. But she will when she gets back. :D ill be nice about it though.

    And thanks...i live in St. George, Utah. But i have always wanted to visit San Francisco :-D heeheee
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    I'm glad that you now have some info to help her out. Lots of luck with your turtle-sitting! By the way, if you ever come to S.F., remember to bring lots of different types of clothes. We go through all four seasons in a day here! :D
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    Well one thing I can tell you right now is that he should not be getting only pellets for food. Those things have way too much protein. They need a more balanced diet of vegetables and some insects. I'm not sure what you mean by fuzz on his back though. Is it slimy when you touch it? Is his shell soft? If you press on it lightly, does the shell bend any? It shouldn't just so you know. The fuzz may just be algae. Sometimes it discolors when it dies but remains attached to the surface. You can try cleaning it off with a soft brush. Also, RES need a basking area and a UVA/UVB basking bulb above their cage. Without the UVB, they are prone to metabolic bone disease due to lack of calcium. How big is the cage he's in? How big is he? He could probably stand to have more water in the tank but he also needs to be able to get out of the water whenever he wants.
    BTW, RESOasis is a good site. I know the owners (I may not get along with them), but the information is good and it's a great place to start.
    Good luck!
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    I'm glad the site I gave her was good. It looked good, but I'm glad to here it from more of an expert. And I think its really cool that you are willing to still support the site even if you don't get along with them. Alot of people would slander them reguardless of the information being good or not.
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    I'm hardly an expert...but thanks! lol
    I think it's more important that people get quality information and it really doesn't matter where it comes from. I used to be really good friends with the owners but we had a minor falling out and I chose to come here instead. Which was a great choice for me because this site is more of what i feel a reptile site should be like. But anyways, they're good people, we just didn't click anymore. So there's no reason for me to bad mouth their site when I know for certain it's been built by people that are knowledgable and care about their animals.
    I just hope it helps Misty out. I couldn't really tell her much without knowing more about the situation. i'm glad to see she's taking the initiative to help this turtle (and it's owner) out.
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  11. yeah alot of the water turtles here get algea on their shells it is slimy and usually will scrape off its from the water i think. the water turtle could use more water small or not, water turtles need to be able to swim down and under a rock.and they do definently need a more balanced diet.

    i am glad you are looking this stuff up it will help your friend alot and the turtle too, he/she will appreciate it.

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