Need Help! I'm very concerned about my anole.

Discussion in 'Anoles' started by ElishaDP, Apr 21, 2014.

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    I noticed a large lump on my green anole's Belly about 2 weeks ago. At first I thought it was just him digesting food he may not of chewed up enough or something. I feed him crickets and feed the crickets with calcium cricket food and they drink vitamin filled water gel. the tank stays around 75-85 degrees and humidity can vary from 30-70% depending on how often I'm home. I feed him every 2-3 days with 3-4 medium crickets and mist him daily. It's hard to keep humidity strong in portland he lives in a 40 gallon tank with a UAV and night heating light. He has lots to climb on. I had 2 male anoles in the same terrarium they actually got along because they were both very young when i got them and they hardly fought they even slept next to each other unfortunatly his friend got an eye infection and i did everything i could for him and he seemed to be getting better but then one day after school he just died:( I haven't seen any signs of the same infection in my other anole, but I thought he would just digest maybe a big cricket he ate but now im not so sure. Hes acing to different still jumps around hunts sun bathes, runs from the mist like he has since the first week I've had him. (Sept 28 2013 is when i first got them) I dont know whats wrong or if it's serious please help!
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    also it wont let me upload my picture i took
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    Hello! I'm not too certain as to what may be afflicting your Anole but I wanna try to try and discover if anything may have led to his current condition. From your description of how you house him it seems like he's a very happy Anole with plenty of room! :) Also I noticed you said you feed him water gel with vitamins as his water source. Is this like a solid block that you use to hydrate feeder insects? I am wondering since these water crystals can expand maybe it may have grown in his stomach, but this is purely speculation and I doubt this may be the problem. The humidity problem you stated about it fluctuating from high to low may be a cause but I've owned anoles who were pretty tolerant of humidity changes. Does he live in a glass or screen cage? I'm guessing glass. Another thing I'm guessing is impaction. Is their any substrate in your terrarium. I noticed you said you feed him mediums. Does he have any problems eating them? Also how large is he is he full grown? I know reptiles can be very good at not displaying illness and will only begin to show signs of sickness after they cannot disguise it any longer and may be too late. I don't mean to worry you one bit its just I've had a similar tragic experience with my Chinese water dragon. She didn't give me then signs until it was very late and it had taken the toll on her :'(. Maybe there's nothing wrong with him at all. I hope this is the case. I've never had this problem with my anoles and I hope more people with experiencein this kind of situation can contribute :D also welcome to the reptile boards I'm relatively new as well! Maybe JEFFREH will make his appearance :) also pics would help if you could find some way to upload em!

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