New bearded dragon barely eating/crazy skinny

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    Is this your first bearded dragon? - first one ive owned by myself I currently own 2 bought at the same time
    What area are you located in? - grand rapids michigan

    Dragons name: Wolverine

    Age, weight and length if you know? - Age aprox: 2-3 months - weight unknown - length aprox 6-8 inches head to tail tip

    How long with you? - 1 month

    What is his condition recently and if it changed, when? - When I first got him he was eating fine well filled out and light in color for about a week after we got him (note they normally will eat about 5-7 crickets) and ever since then he will only eat 2-4 crickets each time we feed him and is now super skinney I kid you not hes barely bigger then the width of a paperclip and he favors staying on the "cooler" side of the tank (80* at night 85ish* during the day warmer side averages 90 at night and 95-98 during the day) he favors it so much that when we go to get him out he literally feels like hes freezing. I use to feed them together at but then tried sperating them to feed them and he will eat a little more but not much at all maybe 1 more cricket then with the the other bearded dragon.

    Is he active, clear eyes and bright? - he can be active but very seldom. he likes to play with his reflection in the edge of the tank he doesnt do it enough to make me think its stress or "wallriding"

    Is the beard, chest or tail tip darker than the rest or than normal? - This bearded dragon is definatly darker then my other one im not sure if natural color or not.

    Walking/moving normally? - yes he walks and moves normally when he does walk but my other dragon is much more active

    Any physical features that do not appear normal? - besides being skinny I cannot see anything otherwise

    From Breeder or Pet Store? (this may make a difference) - Pet store (petsmart to be exact)

    Has he every been treated by a vet - No vet said over phone thats its a wierd way of acting and that i could bring him in with a 150$ copay but they said chances are they cant do anything

    Basking or sleeping during the day? - does bask during the day but lot of times we have to set him over there when he gets too cold which he then will stay there for an hour or so then go in the water dish and back stay back on the cold side.. does ocassionally sleep during the day.

    Is he going to the bathroom, how often? - yes he is it appears once a day

    Is it formed/normal or runny/smelly - its a normal fecal matter not hard but yet not runny seems consistant with my other beardy

    Alone or with others? - With one other very close in age and almost exact in size.. petsmart said they got them as a pair so i kept them as a pair

    If with others, what sex"? - too young for me to be able to tell 100% we speculate hes male and other is female

    Soaking or misting at all and how often? - not sure what soaking means but we have gave him warm bath 2 times since we've had him as reccomended by vet no misting

    Set up info tank size? - 30 gallon exo bearded dragon tank kit

    Temps -what do you use for heat? - warm side = 95-98 cold side= 80-85.. we have a dual lamp fixture day basking bulb is 100watt and night basking bulb is 100 watt

    Basking point? - have a 5 inch tall by 10 by 7 inch platform for them to both fit on on basking side

    Cool area? - have 2 food dishs one flunkers buffet blend for juvenile beardy's another one with pellets in it and then have a 8-9 inch tall fake treebranch they sleep on with a waterdish that will fit both of them in it if needed

    What Substrate? - reptile carpet flooring

    UVB Lights type (detailed) what brand, model, and length or wattage is - fixture=zoo med naturalistic terrarium hood 12" with a zoo med reptisun 5.0 uvb bulb in it

    How old? - tank is as old as when we got them so about a month

    How close to UVB light when he bask? - uvb lights entire tank uvb is sitting on screen ontop of tank

    What hours for day/night? daytime heat lamp is on from 7am-9pm night heat lamp 9pm-7am uvb from 2pm-9pm

    Do you use any type of nighttime heat, if so what? - zoo med moonlite reptile bulb 100 watt

    How is his appetite? IS there a change? - this is stated above

    What size, kind and how many/much insects does he eat daily? he eats aprox 4-6 SMALL crickets a day rarely will touch vegies or pellets

    What do you feed the insects normally? - flunkers cricket quencher calcium fortified (jello basically their water) and flunkers high-calcium cricket diet food

    Is the dragon eating greens/veggies? - stated above .... not often if at all only seen him try it a couple times

    What kind of calcium/how often? - calcium fed through crickets via their thirst quencher and food and if we get the crickets that day we typcially use the calcium powder on the crickets to suppliment that they havent been eating the calcium stuff yet


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