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Discussion in 'Turtles' started by JoseOnAStick, Jun 23, 2013.

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    Ok, time for another run-on with this. I just happened to read his food's label, and it says "for turtles 2" to 6"." This joker is 9-10". Should I be feeding him something different? He seems to really like his pellets and shrimp, didn't really take to the guppies well; they're all nice and fancy in there now, lol.
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    Actually, since he is an entirely carnivorous species, you can probably keep him on the "growth" formula. The only major difference in the "growth" and "maintenance" pellets is the level of protein. The "growth" pellets have a higher percentage of protein; I believe they are formulated more for RES and other omnivorous species which need lower levels of protein as they reach maturity. Since this doesn't apply to your softshell, you can keep him on the "younger" pellets.
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    So it's been a while since I updated this one, we got a new filter for Dan. The Marineland C-360. I advise against it as well. The valve block is constructed with 2 switches between each barb; inside the assembly, there is a pair of ball valves, one behind each barb, both of which are controlled by a single switch (one that is between the barbs). The armatures between the switch and balls are a sort of rectangular key, which is supposed to fit in matching holes inside the balls. Problem is that these keys are not long enough, neither are the holes in the balls deep enough. This causes the valves to get stuck shut, which in turn can cause hassles with the priming button and the seals of the filter. I have remedied this (ONLY because I don't feel like hassling with a third filter) and it seems that having glued the balls open and putting pvc ball valves on each line has greatly alleviated this issue, for now. Is it really impossible to find a decently priced filter for these guys?

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