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Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by beardedjay, May 3, 2003.

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    i have a gravid female at the moment, and just picked up a new male. So if anyone has any helpful tips on succeful breeding i would appriciate and help. I will be breeding all summer and if all goes well have a strong breed of yellow head/sandfire babbies. Beaded dragons are kewl i have 3 of them right know.


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    I assume you are keeping the new male in quaratine for 3 months to make sure he does not have anything that can be passed to the others.

    The female that is gravid, was she breed ?

    We just had one lay unfertile eggs(age 2) and it was such a surprise we at first did not recognise what the first one was, and had no idea she was gravid. We got her in a laying tank and she laid 6 more, but it really exhausted her for a few days and she was so thirsty. We soaked her several times a day and see really seemed to enjoy that and drink when soaking. She has bounced back now but I was really concerned for a few days and she has never been with a male. We upped her calcium and vitamins for two weeks and are watching her close for another group... I hope not as that was really hard on her, she is not real big and had such a long brumation she was just recovering from.

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