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    Hello everyone!​

    Due to some confusion regarding how the trophy points and naming system works, we've opted to modify things to make it a bit more interesting. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in this thread or PM myself or another mod.​

    Trophies are obtained after reaching set numbers of 'Posts' or 'Likes' and each trophy is worth a particular number of points. The Title Names and number of trophy points a particular member has does NOT necessarily correlate to their knowledge; it merely reflects post counts and number of likes received.​

    You will notice under a particular user's avatar picture a 'Title Name' (i.e. New Member, Member, Well-Known Member, etc). I've opted to completely remove "Active Member" as a naming option because it can be misleading. New names have been added, and are as follows:​

    User Titles:

    • Embryo - 0pts
    • New Member - 10pts
    • Member - 35pts
    • Well-Known Member - 65pts
    • ReptileBoards Addict - 125pts
    • Ascended Being - 180pts
    • ?????? [+Special Custom Title Option]* - 250pts
    *Anyone who attains 250 Trophy Points may either keep the given title earned at this point, OR they may request a Custom Title. Please PM me (JEFFREH) to redeem a Custom Title and to discuss options and limitations to your custom title. Do NOT ask me to make you a custom title unless you have attained the appropriate number of points... I will NOT respond to your request. I have tabs on all members' earnings.

    New Names and additional point opportunities may be available in the future.​

    Administrative Team Titles:

    These titles are reserved for the Administrative and Moderating Team only. Any moderator may customize their own title at any time. Do NOT ask to be a moderator for the site; it is something earned that requires much thought and team collaboration.​

    • Moderator - Selected by the moderating/administrative team to help keep the forum clean and running smoothly. Generally selected based on helpfulness, outstanding knowledge, etc.
    • Super Moderator - Moderator with Administrative Capabilities
    • Administrator/Admin/Root Admin - Reserved for Site founders. Kevin M. (Username: JustKev )
    Unique Titles:

    There will be wills to earn Unique titles by Winning Contests held by the site. More information will be presented at the time of any contest.​

    Custom Titles may be rewarded to any member who attains 250 Trophy Points. Again, do not ask for a custom title, you must earn it.​

    New Trophies Added:

    Based on Number of Posts:​

    1 Post - 5pts​
    30 Posts - 5pts​
    100 posts - 10pts​
    250 posts - 15pts​
    500 posts - 15pts​
    1000 posts - 25pts​
    2500 posts - 30pts​
    5000 posts - 45pts​
    10,000 posts - 75pts​

    Based on Number of Likes:​

    1 Like - 5pts​
    25 Likes - 10pts​
    100 Likes - 15pts​
    250 Likes - 20pts​
    500 Likes - 25pts​
    1000 Likes - 30pts​
    2500 Likes - 45pts​
    5000 Likes - 75pts​

    If anyone has any questions/concerns, please let us know! We may be adding additional options to earn trophy points in the future. Hopefully this clears up some confusion, and elminates "odd" numbered points.​

    I should also note, that anyone abusing the system to earn points by posting obnoxiously with no substance will be warned. Likewise, anyone blatantly asking for likes will be warned. Let's make this fun and legitimate guys, it isn't a competition, just a personal reminder of your time spent on the forum = )​

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    Awesome! nice job Jeff! I especially love the "sweet mother of God...." title for the 10,000 post trophy!

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    JEFFREH Administrator

    ; )

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