not exporting but what about importing???

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  1. so i know you cannot whatsoever export any natural life from Australia but what about importing??? I have my beloved beardie Nonamis that has never been sick or infected with anything and I have been really wishing to return to Australia and reside there for at least a year. I absolutely would do not want to just leave him behind :) does anyone know of what the exact rules are regarding this??? thanks a bunch for any information! :D
    Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oy! Oy! Oy! tehehe :)
  2. crocdoc

    crocdoc Embryo

    Absolutely not allowed.

    Many reptiles can carry diseases without any external sign. We already have IBD in our snakes because someone decided to import boas illegally.

    Besides, why take a ham sandwich to a picnic? Beardies come from Australia, bringing one back is like selling snow to the Inuit. :(
  3. crocdocs right there, nothing in, nothing out.
  4. bummerness :p that's what i thought, but just had to make sure. i still love that place of yours though!!! :) nice analogy by the way crocdoc except you don't get attached to a ham sandwich like ya do a pet :D lol

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