One (apparently) spoiled rescue dragon and one (very) aggravated owner!!!

Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by Dovahkiin, May 20, 2014.

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    I recently aquired a subadult bearde dragon. she is around 16.3 inches long and I'm not sure of her age. She was abandoned at a pet store and I didn't like to think of her being alone in a back room and quarantined for however long, when she was already very flighty. I offered to take her, and they gave me the 30gal tank she was in (way too small) all for $40. I set her up in my house with the 30gal (which was all I had at the time) and a halogen mini-dome heat lamp in one end where her basking spot was at 95-100 and the cold end at 75ish. I bought zilla beardie pellets in juvenile (in her pictures she looked way smaller), as well as a jar of freeze-dried crickets and a bag of zilla omnivore mix which my beardies in the past have loved. She ate close to two dozen crickets in the night that i got her and after that wouldn't eat a single thing i offered, dry food or fresh veggies. I had no live food for her for about a week hoping she would give up and eat some veggies (kale, collards, yellow squash and snap peas) but not only did she not eat them, she pooped in them. She wouldn't eat ANYTHING. It was literally close to three weeks before she got anything live. She was offered numerous fruits and veggies (some that I have never seen a beardie turn down) as well as all types of dry food i previously mentioned, and fresh water at all times. she is bathed once every other day for 10 minutes and misted twice a day on her non-bath days. I recently built her a large enclosure (42"long, 24"tall and 21" wide) and continued to offer her nothing but dry foods, fresh water and veggies for that last week. Finally I ordered live superworms. I was desperate to see her eat something as I could visibly SEE her being skinnier by the day, and more dehydrated despite my bathing and misting. NOW, of course, she will eat NOTHING but supers. (much to my dismay i find out online after the fact that beardies often do this with superworms.) So, now I've dug my grave and I must lie in it. I feed her roughly 10 (up to 12 if the batch I picked out the night before were small) supers a day, having them picked out the night prior and gut loaded separately with fresh kale and collards as well as the dry food mix that the lizard obviously isn't eating. On the upside though, she still poops almost every day. Is there anything wrong with her eating nothing but supers, as long as she's healthy? The worms are always gut-loaded with her veggies and dry stuff and she seems to be digesting them fine. HELP! Am I doing more harm than good to my fat and obviously spoiled dragon?
  2. wow. I have no clue but just wanted to say ....kuddos for the rescue. I found one on the road and I rescued her :). Your post is helpful to me as i know nothing of bearded dragons...of any reptile actually. Good info to know about their penchant for superworms.

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