Onmyoji Arena adopts the mysterious Japanese Shikigami character

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    "Onmyojiarena" does not use the rune system and replaces it with "Onmyodo", which can be matched for free by any game player. Game players can match "Onmyodo" freely according to their tactics and strategies to make the game more varied. There is no payment system in the game that will affect the value of the battle, which provides fair competition.

    This game adopts the mysterious Japanese Shikigami character and Japanese art style from Onmyoji and adds red-hot MOBA gameplay. They used original Japanese voice actors and actresses to revive the unique atmosphere of the Heian Period, while having innovative breakthroughs in map design. The fog system comes along with more skills for Shikigamis, characters from the series, compared to RPG Onmyoji. While adjusting the Onmyoji game's purchase system to achieve the best character balance, NetEase also surprised us with the all-new Battle Royale triangle mode. By the way, you can buy Cheap Onmyoji Arena Top Up from mmocs.com, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “ MMOCSVIP ”.

    The 3v3v3 entertainment mode and free mode for everything made by this game are the first of its kind, and the 100-Ghosts-Playing method has integrated features such as multiplayer team battles, resource battles and fast battles. Game players will be divided into three teams with three players per team, and they can play free games for everyone easily. On the "Royal Battle" map, game players are born on three peaks of each map, the central area is a duel area, and the team that first sealed 30 Shikigami will win.

    Even the Onmyoji Arena game suddenly stood on TOP's search for the past month on the App Store and the public was suspected of having a big game of NPH hands in the country for PR for their upcoming products.

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