owner of an australian water dragon? Need advices for set up

Discussion in 'Australian Forum' started by Cyril_Bianco, Mar 20, 2008.

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    TO THE ATTENTION OF MODOS: I know I have made ( in purpose) a double post, but people in australia are obviously the more qualified
    about australian water dragon. Please let the double post for a while.

    Hello everybody:),

    I have consulted many australian water dragon care sheet, and they generally show contradictions.

    Can an experienced owner of an australian water dragon communicate me the major set ups for the terrarium:

    *T° hot place.
    *T° cool place
    *T° general in the terrarium
    *T° at night.
    *T° of water
    * Degree of humidity %
    * % UVB/%UVA
    *Feeding for a 1 year old specimen/feeding for an adult (2 years)

    Any additionnal information or advice is welcome.

    Thank you in advance,

    Best regards,


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