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    I thought I had put these up before but I had not. I couldnt pass up the chance to put these on here he is just so cutee! lol these were taken a while ago like maybe a year or so I just thought I had put them up, now (He gets oddly scarred of things easily, he was a rescue so we dont know much about his past, north shore animal league found him at 2 months) He is scared of both my camera, and my tripod so i cant really get near him with it, lol
    Hes a pitbull boxer, terria mix. Pitbull and boxer people think sound scary, honestly the best mushiest dog ive ever known in my life. We have never seen him angry or vicious to anything and he is now 7, and he LOVES the vet, absolutely loves it, when we go there he jumps up on the examining table himself and when he gets shots he dosent even realize, he just sits there with his tounge hangin out his mouth, lol
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    Oh! He's adorable!!! I <3 dogs :) And cats... and reptiles... I love animals :) Lol, but especially dogs and cats :) I also have a rescue and she's about 9 or 10 years old and been with me for 8 years but she's still afraid of tall men. Hopefully he gets a little more brave but i not it's A-ok :) Yay for rescuing him!
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    Yeah if hes afraid of something he dosent try to strike back it it by getting angry or growling he puts his tail inbetween his legs and tries to just run somewhere, he cant stand the vaccum, or any cleaning things, like brooms,mops,swiffers,steamers, and spray bottle

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