Petition to Overturn the Python Ban

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    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member!/petition/overturn-python-ban/4wGFbc4Y

    Every person counts, and the process takes a whopping 60 seconds to complete. The title says it all: a petition has been enacted to request that the President review the issue and 'hopefully' overturn it.

    I hate to think that this ban is the start of more attacks on our hobby... We need to do something about this NOW guys. It starts with few large constrictors, but where will end?

    This may be borderline Spam, but for the sake of our hobby, sign up! = )

    Other pertinent topics with more info can be found in this forum for more information (I believe WingedWolf has provided quite a few resources over the last few weeks).
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  2. StikyPaws312

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    OMG I wish I could punch a website in the face... this is ridiculous!!! I have signed in 800 times on two different browsers and it still won't let me sign the petition! Arg! Every time I sign in, and it acknowledges that I'm signed it... it just brings me to my profile page! Then when I go back and go through all the petitions to find the right one... it still says I have to sign in! So I sign in again... and brings me back to my profile page!!!!! ARG!
    See insanity below:

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  3. dogking

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    signed =D
  4. Cammy

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    It won't even let me create an account...there's just a big blank blue space where I presume the information form is supposed to be. >:C It's a conspiracy.
  5. StikyPaws312

    StikyPaws312 Moderator Staff Member

    It is a conspiracy darn it! Gah!

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