photos of your pet venomous snakes

Discussion in 'General Snakes' started by iloveherps, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. iloveherps

    iloveherps Embryo

    nice snake i have a photo of a copper head in the wileld i will post it soon.
  2. General48

    General48 Embryo

    just wondering what led you guys to keep hots in the first place?
  3. Lee_snake_man

    Lee_snake_man Embryo

    a freind of mine has these


    Red Western diamondback


    Southern copperhead viper
  4. wideglide

    wideglide Well-Known Member

    LOL! Now that's not a bad idea!! That whole "They can kill you" issue isn't there so much either! :D
  5. garybingham

    garybingham Embryo

    wideglide, tell me about it and its cool to tell your friend you have a cobra lol
  6. wideglide

    wideglide Well-Known Member

    LOL!! I'm settin' mine up tonight! :)
  7. theend882

    theend882 Embryo

    i have rattle snakes in my backyard i keep them in a wooden crate to keep them out of the way so they dont kill my little brother i let them go at a close by bayou ill get a pic of them for u
  8. theend882

    theend882 Embryo

    i only have one rattler right now but it still looks cool [​IMG]
  9. garybingham

    garybingham Embryo

    wideglide, hows your cobra lol mine died lol the baby got it all wet and the ink ran
  10. wideglide

    wideglide Well-Known Member

    LOL! Mines gone too. There was a sudden draft of wind and it flew away! :)
  11. garybingham

    garybingham Embryo

  12. gadd19

    gadd19 Embryo

  13. That is an awesome shot.
  14. garybingham

    garybingham Embryo

    gadd19, cool pic and snake
  15. Janice

    Janice Embryo

    My snakes eat head first.
  16. Xotic-liz-kid

    Xotic-liz-kid Embryo

  17. GeneralODLee

    GeneralODLee Embryo

    my rtb also eats head first... he always strikes in the head. :) But thats an awesome pic, Im glad my wife wasnt in here when I looked at it... she would be screaming for the next three hours.
  18. unclemike

    unclemike Embryo

    LOL mine too,
    I still have to feed my ball at night after my wife has gone to bed and hide the mice in the garage.

    That is an great pic. My Ball always strikes the head and goes from there.
  19. I thought pretty much all snakes ate head first and that eating the mouse the other way is a fairly rare event. Somewthing to do with the fur and the way it lies on the animal.
  20. Axe

    Axe Embryo

    Most snakes will eat head first. Sometimes they just get them wrong and don't realise.

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