Pictures of your leo cage

Discussion in 'Leopard Geckos' started by GeckoLover13, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. dejayssaleen

    dejayssaleen Embryo

    I finally get to post pics of my tank!

  2. brendywendy

    brendywendy Embryo

    great looking tank, very desert like,
    sure they will love it
  3. Looks great!
  4. cute with the signs. Lol. nice.
  5. i_love_leos

    i_love_leos Embryo

    kendergirl,your tank is really good! :)
  6. dejayssaleen wat size tamk is that
  7. Bremen

    Bremen Embryo

    Here's a pic of my homemade one.....enjoy!

  8. brendywendy

    brendywendy Embryo

    i see everyone is going 3 in 1 cave crazy on here

    mine loved his

    and it hold th erecord as the most quickly adapted to piece of cage furniture ever
    took him about 1 hour to find it, climb in, now hes in there all day every day
  9. Alfie84

    Alfie84 Embryo

    heres mine


    i dont really like it,trying to get some idears, this topic is prob the best place to look;)
  10. sophie6

    sophie6 Embryo

    you've given me some great ideas!! I'm in the process of sorting out a cage, and hopefully getting a leo in the mext month or 2!! :D
  11. Herp__Kid

    Herp__Kid Embryo

  12. waterfaller1

    waterfaller1 Embryo

    I just set this 55 up for Mr. Smiley. We were waiting on a few new hides to arrive, and in the last photo you can see his new humid hide. I got a new warm hide that looks like a natural rock but have'nt gotten a pic of it yet.




  13. ___nvp___

    ___nvp___ Embryo

    here's my 55 leo setup
  14. skorpac

    skorpac Embryo

    Hi, i'm Sasha from Croatia - Zagreb city.

    I like natural look of terrarium... this is one of my Leo ( male - 5 year old)


    ... this is Leo


    I've and Pogonas...
  15. skorpac

    skorpac Embryo

    test ...

    Moderators or admin...Pliease delete this post

  16. hippiegecko

    hippiegecko Embryo

    this is cheese and crackerz home

    warm side (ignore the poop ontop of the moist hides>.>)

    and the cool side (i really dont like that water dish much anyone know a good replacement that is about the same size?)

    ill put a cpl pics of mah crackerz (the one showing her butt) later she doesnt like pictures much
  17. justkev

    justkev Hi :) Staff Member

    skorpac.. that is one very nice looking cage... can you post more pics?
  18. skorpac

    skorpac Embryo

    @ justkev ... of course, I put photos to night or tomorrow. :D

    All my terrarium have very natural look. I want make natural look cage for specific animal needs and want.

    Animal in nature don't sleep on ceramic. Only breeding cage (are) have only waterdish and light .... generally or basically only what animals then haves or needs.

    My English is not god.

    Sorry for that.
  19. skorpac

    skorpac Embryo

  20. unrealjill

    unrealjill Embryo

    Very nice Skorpac! Thanks for the extra photos. What do you have on the floor? It looks like a mix of gravel and wood chip? Whole thing looks very cool though :D And don't worry about your English - it is fine!

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