PLEASE HELP!!! My 3yro Green Iguan

Discussion in 'Iguanas' started by Victoria S., Jul 25, 2015.

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    I am contacting you for some advise about my 3 yro green Iguana Lyle. I have had him since he was a couple weeks old. I have been his owner an handler. I lived in KY an he adapted well to his surroundings, I was never able to keep his temperature accurate in his home. plus I have always Left his doors open so that he is not a captive exotic animal he has gotten along with the other animals in the house always. Him an My Boxer are the same age an grew up together. He has Houdini on me twice an has hid in the twice for a month or so before. he always comes back an always wants love an affection. Now my issues I am having. A couple weeks ago, Lyle was out of his home walking around like he normally does an when he was done he goes back to his home. I had moved his bridge an he was jumping to get up. My mom got up to help him an at the same time my grandpa was over with his little dog, the dog ran over same time she picked him up an scared him an my mom pout him in his home but didn't pet him to clam him. NOW!! you cannot stick your hands in his habitat he will tail lash an try to Bite. when I do get him out to come back an socialize anytime I or anyone including the dogs he is Aggressive. with tail whipping an trying to Bite. I truly Believe he could be traumatized an I don't know what to do. I am keeping him out an consistently petting him. Even if I look over ta him he gets frightened. Question he is 3 yro could he possible be coming into a Breeding season an just be aggressive The vet couldn't tell me anything about his Behavior an I even called the Zoo. I need to speak with you because you Have Owned a Green Iguana. Please contact me either by email or by phone (912)-980-8910.
    Thank You
    Victoria S

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    It may have been a Traumatic event for him/her (iguana) and will take a little time and TLC that may bring the iguana back around!

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