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Discussion in 'Leopard Geckos' started by 00luke00, May 20, 2007.

  1. Reid

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    I've never had any issues with my mealworms dying.
    I usually keep them in her bowl for
    around a week or so without them dying.
    The ones at work don't die that quickly either.
    I'd say you've got too much heat on them, or you got a bad batch.
    I generally replace the wood chips they come in with some of the
    high-calcium cricket feed, so the worms can eat while in there
    and gutload themselves.
    Always make sure there isn't any remnants of the dust on them
    when you throw them in the bowl though.

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  3. Yode

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    So worms in the bowl on the cooler side without any gut-loading material. Dust once a week with vitamin and once with D3 calcium. We will give that a try. He ate beautifully tonight. Wandering around and hanging on top of the rocks. :)


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  5. Yode

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    He is very sweet, will tolerate being handled by a 6 yr old fairly well. We got him a bit stirred up a couple times when he made a dash for the furniture. He has been hiding a lot more in his Rock habitat than the papertowel one with the cardboard hides.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and help out. This is an awesome service you are providing for those of us who are new.[/quote]

    Quick additional question. Is it normal for Leos to go poo only every other day? With the temp gun I have readings between 71-94 degrees on the rocks. He has been hiding deep under one rock during the day (unsure of temp here). I still have not gotten under the tank heater set up. Tank sits on table too small to set on edges for proper elevation.

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  7. houdini_the_leopard_gecko

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    i have two leopard gecko's and one is eating just fine but the other one isn't eating at all for like a week or more
    2. a 20 gallon
    3. i think around 80 is what my thermometer says
    4. thermometer
    5. under tank heater,plus my room stays hot most of the time
    6. Do you have any method of regulating the temperatures? i don't know what this means
    7. 4,two buried paper towel rolls a cave and a moist hide
    8. crickets and meal worms
    9. every day or every other day
    10. repashy superfoods:leopard gecko calcium plus and every feeding
    11. i don't know the pet store said they were juveniles
    12. I've had them for like a month is active alot of the times,it basks, and sleep it hangs out by the water alot

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  9. TashaLasha

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    I just got him, and he eats out of my hand and doesn't freak out when I try to hold him. He'll sit on my shoulder, or curls up in the shadow of my leg and naps. He eats very well. I know I'm not really supposed to mess with him for like a week but he's just so.. laid back and seems like he isn't stressed. Only thing I'm worries about is, he hasn't pooped. I see no poop & I know for a fact he's eating. I use the green mat under moss, I'm not sure if that's okay or not but I spray his moist hide and the moss keeps the humidity just fine. He sleeps in his warm hide during the day. I don't have a heating pad under the cage so I use a basking lamp to keep the temp arid during the day, twelve hour cycle, and use the red light at night. Is that okay? He drinks water from his bowl just fine, too. But no poop yet. Is this normal?

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  11. ms.janet

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    I recently had a woman surrender a juvi Leo to me because he was showing signs of MBD and she couldn't handle the care. She had been supplimenting his food with calcium but not D3. I got him to start eating and drinking regularly but his appetite is gone. He won't drink unless from a syringe and doesn't even notice food. He has lost significant weight and I am hoping someone may have dealt with this before. We have had a long hard battle and there's no way I'm letting the little guy give up yet. He is currently taking Pedia lite by syringe and very very small amounts of blended carrot as a friend of my suggested that. His energy is low but only slightly lower than a few months ago. He moves around some even though his poor legs are bent from MBD. If anyone has suggestions please let me know.
  12. Trisha Nunn

    Trisha Nunn Embryo

    I am about to purchase a leopard Gecko. I have done research and found that I need the following:
    10 gallon tank
    Heat Lamp
    Under Tank Heat Pad
    A water dish
    Smooth food bowl,
    A calcium bowl.
    Substrate – Tile or reptile carpet
    Waxworms (as a snack)
    Calcium powder with vitamin D3
    A multivitamin powder.
    2 Thermostats
    Humidity sensor
    Timer for lamp on/off
    Warm Hide out
    Cool Hide – if there is room
    Moist Hide
    Spray Bottle

    I am confused on a few things,
    1. If I have a heat pad, can I place it on the side of the cage towards the bottom or does it have to go on the bottom?
    2. If I set the lamp for a time for their day/night do I need a light on for the hours of night or no?
    3. Which is better reptile carpet or tile & why?
    4. What type of thermostats should I get?
    5. which type of humidity sensor should I get?
    6. Should the moist hide be placed in the middle of the tank or the cool side?
  13. WigglyBoi

    WigglyBoi Embryo

    1. What substrate are you using? Reptile carpet
    2. What sized enclosure do you have your leo in? 10 gallon but I'm moving him up to about a 50 gallon soon
    3. What are your warm side temperatures? 87-98
    4. How are the temperatures measured? A Zoo Med thermostat
    5. What are you using as your heat source? Heat mat and 1 heat map with 2 bulbs
    6. Do you have any method of regulating the temperatures? I turn the heat mat off if it gets to hot and turn it on if too cold, (Its been working very well)
    7. How many hides do you have for your leo? What are they? I have 2 hides (Mainly cause no more with fit) one on the cold side and warm side, a rock structure with moss on the walls of the structure, and a hide/water dish
    8. What food have you offered? I have offered a lot of food, small horn worms, small silkworms, wax worms, meal worms, super worms, different sized crickets, and calci worms. He has had a rough previous life before he came into my care, so he isn't a good eater, but anything he didn't eat I gave to my bearded dragon so it didn't go to waste.
    9. How often do you offer food? I offer food every other day to every 2 days and I don't offer food when he sheds so he can focus of getting the skin off instead of wasting energy digesting food (I offer food about a day or 2 after he sheds)
    10. Are you supplementing the food? If so, with what and how often? I lightly dust them in calci dust but I also feed my gecko a powdered reptile boost.
    11. How old is your leo? I don't know how old my leo is exactly, but he is an adult male.
    12. How long have you had your leo? I've had my leo for 2 and a half years now and I love him so much.
    13. Give a little detail about the behavior of the Leo also He is very traumatized from him previous owner, from what I understand his previous owner used to leave food in the cage (when he separated geckos for breeding) and didn't take it out, so the worms or crickets started to eat him. The previous owner left him in with 5-6 other male leos and now he doesn't have the majority of his claws and is very hard to handle. The previous owner (From what I've been told) forgot to feed the geckos sometimes and gave them heat whenever he felt like it. And he when he fed the leos it wouldn't be enough to fill them up (I was told about 4 small-medium sized meal worms per leo) So needless to say when I got my leo even after a month he was EXTREMELY scared and he was terrified of the worms and crickets I was feeding him. Since he is my first leo I was freaking out that he was going to die, I started thinking it was my fault he wasn't eating. So I bought a reptile boost to feed him, I fed him 2 times a day by letting him lick it (It took 2-3 hours to feed him) And I always kept offering him worms. And this went on for the first 2 years I had him. Then a few months ago he sorta gently grabbed the meal worm and he monched on it and i pushed it a little bit in his mouth so it didn't fall and then yeah.. now he is eating live food. (Yay!!)
  14. WigglyBoi

    WigglyBoi Embryo

    So everyday I work on my laptop, I do it mid day so I do not interrupt my leo when he wants to come out or needs to be fed. So normally when I work I play music (I put it very low since his cage is right next to my laptop) So I can barely hear the music. He usually sleeps right through it. But recently he has been waking up and he walks to the corner of his cage (The corner closest to me.) And sits down looking at me or the laptop. What is he doing or trying to tell me?

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