Please Read This If You Are Posting For Help With A Turtle..

Discussion in 'Turtles' started by biochic, Oct 17, 2005.

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    If you need help with your turtle, it's always best to give people as much information as possible. Most of the time, behavioral or medical problems can be traced to improper environments within the vivarium. So when you post your question, please provide us with the following information as completely as you can:
    1) What temperature is the enclosure (include both water temperature and basking temperature where aplicable)?
    2) Describe the enclosure. Include details about the type of haul out area and basking area you have, substrate, any decorations or live plants, and especially what other occupants (if any) are in the enclosure as well.
    3) What type of lighting do you use? Is there a UVA/UVB light source? What wattage bulb do you use for a basking bulb? What are the lighting timers set to?
    4) Are you using a water filter, water heater, or any other type of equipment inside the tank? If so, what kind?

    Also include details about diet. What makes up the majority of the diet? Are you supplementing the diet with calcium powder or cuttle bone?

    If there is anything else that might help like:
    Is this a new addition? Was the turtle neglected in the past? How old is he? Any past medical problems? etc, etc, etc
    Will be useful too.

    As much detail as possible will help others get a sense of what your turtle's world is like and will help us give suggestions and recommendations much more quickly and more appropriately.
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    RE: Please Read This If You Are Posting For Help With A Turt

    The problem? The turtle shell is curling around the edges especially in the back. Background;
    I have an adult RES about 5 yrs old. It's a male. The shell length is approx 6". He appears healthy and very active. He's not overweight. He's fed about 2 - 3 times a week in which at feeding time he'll eat up to 8 - 10 goldfish, 5 worms, 3 to 4 crayfish, 15 - 20 crickets or 5 to 8 minutes worth of trout chow - depending on what food I would have available for that day. The thermometer is kept around 78/80. He lives in a 40 gal aquarium with the water level just a little above 1/2 way. A Fluval Plus 3 is the filter system. The water is pumped out dry, aquarium cleaned and refilled with treated water every 2 weeks. I have a turtle dock with an incandescent light above it. The aquarium sits next to a window so he does get some real sunshine on some days. I tried to feed it a floating cuttlebone but he shows no interest in it. I was hoping that he would get his calcium from the fish, pellets, or crayfish. So what's the solution to the problem?
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    RE: Please Read This If You Are Posting For Help With A Turt

    Get a flourescent light over him and i think its called irregular shell growth. sorry but i dont know how to cure it you can search that online or take him to a herp vet.
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    RE: Please Read This If You Are Posting For Help With A Turt

    A separate thread for your question probably would have been best...

    Shell curling can be a sign of not having enough vitamin A and other vitamins. Get a proper UVB light over him and try different methods of getting his vitamins in him, whether it be with a balance of veggies (which he really should have) or vitamins in the crickets. Don't give in and feed him just his favorite foods, with patiences you can get your turtle eating a proper diet.

    Goldfish are not good feeders either, they're high in fat and usually not kept in the cleanest of environments at stores. Try raising your own guppies or using minnows. Stop using the trout chow, it is high in protein and not balanced for a turtle at all. Due to all the protein it can cause some shell abnormalities.

    Peel the hard backing off the cuttle bone and leave it in the aquarium for the turtle to munch.
  5. I need help! I'm a new turtle fact I just got two turtles today. My friend had them in a glass bowl, with one rock, and nothing else, and I felt really bad for them. So when my friend offered for me to have them, I jumped at the chance....but now that I do have them, I'm not sure what to do lol. I'm getting a tank for them tomorrow, as it is too late to go out now. What sort of things should I put in the tank? Should I have rocks piled up just above water level so that they can get out of the water? Should I just feed them turtle food? Or vege's and small fish too? What sort of plants can I put in there with them? And, what can I do to help make their life more interesting? Please answer fast! I don't want them to keep suffering!!! I'm doing the best I can.
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    Hello, and welcome to the forums! In order to keep this thread as clutter free as possible, I'm only going to post a brief list of supplies you will need. I'd be happy to provide more detailed information if you create a separate thread. Bare basics you will need to start out with are:
    • Tank--the bigger the better
    • Land area/floating basking spot
    • Filter
    • Thermometer x2
    • Heat and UVB light--VERY important! (see this thread for a quick intro)
    • Food
    • Calcium/vitamin D3 supplement
    Again, I can give a much better rundown in a new thread, so please don't hesitate to start one. Once again, welcome to the boards!

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