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Discussion in 'Anoles' started by Cheyzer, Jul 4, 2009.

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    Ok..So my male green anole knocked up my other anole. She's obviously pregnant because her noticeable increase in size in the belly area. Well I thought she laid an egg but now I'm starting to second guess myself because it does not look like anole eggs in pictures. Its not round and hard looking. Their feces are usually very tiny and solid white or brown looking so I'm starting to think maybe its a bad egg. The thing looks somewhat see through and long-hated. So is there any way to check or is it in so much bad shape that i should dispose of it and leave more room for her other eggs? (she did not bury it it was on top of the soil...) Oh and I'm cleaning the tank out tomorrow morning because for the first time i noticed a white fuzz like on a dandelion on the dirt in a small area and on the egg!!

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    Could you post a picture of the egg?

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