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    The overall contracting procurement model has now become a trend in the procurement of refractory steel mills. This model can effectively control the purchase cost of refractory materials. Taking Ba Bayang Group in Baosteel Group as an example, the cost per ton of refractory steel has been steadily declining after adopting the procurement form of the total package of refractory materials. In recent years, refractory raw materials prices continue to rise, the company's steel cost per ton of steel has not been greatly affected. Through the overall contracting of refractory materials, the Company reasonably controlled the cost of refractory materials and obtained comprehensive advantages in respect of supplier quality, cost, time and service. At the same time, this model also helps to raise the core competitiveness of steel mills and increase production efficiency. The steel mills can focus more fully on their main business and shift their not-proficient business packages to professional third-party suppliers. In short, they can make the best of others and benefit themselves.

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