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  1. Merek

    Merek Embryo and will be holding their first radio show broadcast on:

    Date / Time: 2/21/2009 6:00 PM EST (SAT)
    Call-in Number: (646) 727-3933

    Episode Name: Who is Reptilian Fish?

    Show Topic: Episode 1: General Introduction of the hosts, breeding projects we are involved in and general discussion of Reptiles and Amphibians in the news as well as any other topic presented.

    What our show is about?
    For over 20 years now, we have had the pleasure in owning various animals throughout our lives. Whether it be a small animals to salt water fish, we have spent several years caring and breeding a broad range of animals. In the last year or so (2008) we have co-written a book called, "A Quick Guide to Dart Frogs", which should be out soon! This book is a comprehensive guide for beginners! In regards to our show we will cover several topics anywhere from new discoveries, news stories about animals, conservation, different reptiles, a whole lot about amphibians, possibly fish, exotic and feeder insects and various of other topics pertaining to animals (And all sorts of Unique to Average Pet Adoption and Rescue Groups and Organizations). Have ideas for shows please contact us at

    If you like to join us please do. We love meeting new reptile and amphibian owners, of course as well as everyone else. Thanks for listening. Please check for new times and new shows.

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