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Discussion in 'Monitors & Tegus' started by 00luke00, May 18, 2007.

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    It has come to my attention, and been very apparent for a while, about the behaviour which goes on within the Monitor And Tegu forums. Too many people are being rude, and it's happening far too frequently. This is going to stop, now. An announcement has been made, but i just wanted to emphasize on this, and to remind everyone.

    If you feel somebody is being rude to you, do not openly take part in fights within someone elses thread. It is not helping, and it VERY disrespectful for the author who is asking for help.

    If you feel somebody is offering the wrong advice, explain why you think that, and then you can correct them. Sarcastic and rude comments will not be tolerated any longer, and will be removed upon being spotted. If you spot any rudeness within a thread, please contact a moderator straight away. As much as we'd like to, we cannot read through EVERY post and thread.

    If you fail to adhere to the simple rules, of being polite and respectful, expect a warning. If this behaviour continues to become an issue, bans will be made more frequently. Its not something i would like to see, but due to recent issues i have seen in this forum in the last few weeks and months, it seems there is no other way to get through to people.

    If you do not like the questions that noobs ask, move on. Do not go in there and flame people. You were a beginner once, and everyone has to start somewhere.

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    I like how you put that. I had been on other herp forums and been chased out and even cried because of how I was treated at those sites. I have stuck with this forum site because of how I was welcomed and how others have interacted with me. I have good knowledge, medicine and expieriences to share as wellas much to learn from others here. I ,as others, can only offer only what we have expierienced. Reptile medicine and husbandry gets more advanced every day and its important to share and learn these things too. I do hope to be politely be corrected in any out of date info. I also hope to share what my animals have liked and medicines that help save. Thank you to those here from newbies to administrators whom help and share. Politely, even if urgent. If I or others come across cross, tell us so we know as sometimes type doesnt relay true voice emotion.
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    Could you by chance check out my post about my savannah monitor. I could really use all the brains i can get! Thanks!!
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    Right on! :)

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