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    ReptileRooms - Live Reptile Chat

    • Table of Contents
      1. Quick Join
      2. Description
      3. Chat steps to follow
      ...A. Direct Questions
      ...B. Unique Nick
      ...C. AFK'ing
      ...D. Copy & Pasting
      ...E. Links/Pictures
      ...F. Respect/Decency
      4. IRC - How to setup
      ...A. Web Integrated Client
      ...B. IRC Clients
      5. Auto set up
      6. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

      • 1. Quick Join
        Web Integrated Chat (connects via web) - Click Here
        IRC Clients (connects with your installed irc software) - Click Here
        rrIRC Software auto Connect (installs an irc software to connect to chat) - Click Here

        2. Description
        "Live Reptile Chat" is hosted on a server thru IRC (Internet Relay Chat). You can join the chat using either a website integrated client platform, or a separate IRC client. (Read #4 for more information). Many frequent chatters are on daily, but more active during the morning and afternoons based on the US timezones.

        3. Chat steps to follow
        Here is a few steps to follow when in the chat room.
        A. Direct questions - No need to say you have a question or if you may ask a question, just ask your questions. Please be patient when asking a question. Quite often, chatters are multi tasking and may take a few to reply back.
        B. Unique Nick - Using a unique nickname is a good key. Forum name works also. Using the web integrated chat, your nick when joining will most likely be Guest. To change your nick, you will need to type the following in the chat. Type: /nick yournewnick
        C. AFK'ing - Quite often chatters are logged into the chat 24/7, and may add AFK (Away from Keyboard) to their names. If you wish to stay connected to the chat when away, we ask that you also follow this step. Type: /nick Yournick_AFK
        D. Copy & Pasting - When using the web integrated chat, clicking on links is disabled. For this reason, if you wish to go to a link that is posted within the chat, you will need to highlight the url, and with the left mouse button still down hit Ctrl+C. This will save the url or whichever text in chat that you highlighted into your computers clipboard. Than open up your internet explorer browser, and paste the url into the address bar by hitting Ctrl+V.
        E. Links/Pictures - As in the forums, you may post links to pictures in chat. Suggestion links are also ok. However, posting links solely for advertisement purposes is not allowed.
        F. Respect/Decency - The same rules regarding decency and respect to other users that are set in the forum also apply here. If you are abusive/offensive to users in the chat room, you WILL be banned. This may also lead to a permanent ban from posting in the forums also.

        4. IRC - How to setup
        The follwing steps may need to be completed if this is your first time chatting on IRC. If you still cannot connect after following these steps, feel free to ask. You may have a firewall blocking from joining.
        A. Web Integrated
        Basically a simple process. Click on the "Live Reptile Chat" link, and done. You may need to update certain java plugins which you can do so by clicking the following link. Click Here to update java plugin
        B. IRC Clients
        Their is many different IRC clients, but the main one used is mIRC. To setup mIRC for ReptileRooms chat, follow the steps below.
        ...1. Download and Install mIRC - Click Here to Download
        ...2. Click on the mIRC desktop icon. You can skip thru the register reminder.
        ...3. mIRC Options menu will show (Figure 1). If not, click on File > Select Server or Alt+E. On the "Connect" category, fill in your name, email address, and nickname. The nickname is the most important. This is what you will be known as in the chat room.
        ...4. On the "Servers" category (Figure 2), click on the down arrow key in the IRC Servers section, and scroll down to Sorcerynet. You can now click on "Connect To Server"
        ...5. The channel favorites box will now show (Figure 3). If not, click on the favorites icon on top that looks like a folder with # and + signs on it and type in: #ReptileRooms and than click "Join"
        ...6. If you wish, you can have mIRC auto connect to channel. Go to options menu by going to View > Options. In the category list, go to Connect > Options (Figure 4), and click on Perform. In the Peform menu (Figure 5) click on "Add" and scroll down to Sorcerynet and click on ok. In the "Peform Commands" section, type in: /join #ReptileRooms and click OK

        Figure 1 (Enter Name, Email & Nickname)

        Figure 2 (Select Sorcerynet server)

        Figure 3 (Enter #ReptileRooms channel in favorite list and click "Join")

        Figure 4 (Click on Peform to auto connect)

        Figure 5 (Click on "Add", select Sorcerynet, enter in perform commands and click on "OK")

        5. Auto Setup
        To setup mIRC automatically, Download and Install rrIRC - Click Here to Download

        The auto setup is a bundled version of mIRC and the rrIRC auto setup. It will automatically configure mIRC to connect to the server and channel for you, along with ReptileRooms logo in the channel screen. It will also place a icon labeled "rrIRC" on your desktop.

        6. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
        Q. What does the @ mean in front of some of the chatters?
        A. Chatters with the @ symbol are chat moderators. They can kick & ban chatters that are causing problems.

        Q. I typed in a sentence and the channel closed out. Why?
        A. Most likely, you said a word that is not allowed in chat. Word filter scripts are installed in chat, and will auto kick & ban chatters for swearing.

        Q. I selected a nickname, and it said nick was taken and changed my nickname. Why?
        A. Nicknames can be registered so that only you can use the nickname, if this is done, another chatter trying to use the nickname will be auto changed after a certain amount of time.
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