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    Hi all,

    I am new here but not new to Uro's. I've kept my rescue mali for the last 10 years and recently got a geyri pair at a reptile show. They were the typical newly imported in rough shape so I assumed I wouldn't have to worry about breeding this year. Wrong. I saw my male make some pretty serious attempts. Considering I'm not watching these guys 24/7 Im going to assume the worst (best?) and get set up for some eggs ASAP.

    Im really new to any reptile breeding so any and all advice would be great. I really wanted to take the year to research the ins and outs (as well as get some good nutrition in my uros) before breeding but alas. Im going to order an incubation kit from deer fern farms and I am going to set up a nest box. Advice please!

    Nest box details:
    Location: Under basking spot (there is a ramp up to my basking area and a shady area under it I am going to put the box) General surface temp (of millet bedding in shady area is 90-100) Ill get an air temp tonight and a more accurate surface temp with my temp gun.
    Box: plastic shoe-box sized tub 4" tall
    Substrate: 5% excavator clay 45% cacti potting soil 50% washed play sand

    93 deg. F in substrate described by deer fern farms kit
    show box sized tupperware with a non-air tight lid
    heating pad
    digital cooking thermometer
    will set this up ASAP and monitor temps. I really don't wanna buy a proper incubator.

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