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    Im heading to the store to get more stuff for moto, but dont know how to get the cool side of the enclosure cooler. the humidity is at 60% the basking spot is at 143...but the cool side sits around 82-87. my house is at 71. i have a wooden 8x4x4 enclosure with a glass door. substrate of dirt and sand mixed, sprayed down whenever getting dry. (no holes in enclosure). please help

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    No need to go any cooler, as long as moto can go underground and retreat, there is no problem.

    Sometimes it's close to 100 degrees in my lizards enclosure, and they don't mind one bit.

    Have to remember, Africa is divided by the equator, the Savannah Biome is tropical, sure they have a few 70 degree days in Ghana, but they have far more days that feel like Miami in August right after a thunderstorm.

    These lizards are from the same place Lions, Rhinos, Hippos and Zebras come from, it's not very cool there ;)

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