saw a turtle today at the conservatory!!!

Discussion in 'Turtles' started by Hummingbird, May 22, 2004.

  1. Hummingbird

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    well i went to the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus today to see the 'Blooms & Butterflies' exhibit! they also have tons of chihuly glass everywhere! beautiful! anyway there's a bunch of outdoor courtyard-type areas with plants and chihuly glass and stuff and one had a big pond in it and i was looking at the koi in there when i saw a turtle head sticking out of the water! it was a large female res - beautiful! the only one i could see in the pond. it was so nice to see her in there with a great pond for a home! here's a pic of her saying 'hi':
    if you wanna see my other pics they're currently here!! enjoy! :)
  2. cd

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    Wow, great pictures. I want to come hang out with you, it looks like you get to see alot of interesting things!
    We have alot of red ears at the lakes in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. You can see them all over basking on the rocks and logs that poke up out of the water. Its so pretty to see! I've seen three two-headed ones during my visits, and there is also a species of soft-shelled turtle hear too, but I've never gotton a long enough look before they swim back under to identify what kind. Its a pretty neat place to explore though, the last time I visited, I counted nineteen nesting pairs of great blue herons way up in the trees on the island.
  3. Hummingbird

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    neat-o! two-headed ones, eh? yikes. i wouldn't go swimming in that pond, then.
  4. Eric

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    I never heard that about Golden Gate park... I'll have to take my g/f on a day trip & check it out! :p

    btw, Hummingbird, how big was that RES?
  5. Hummingbird

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    she was a good 8 or 9 inches in carapace length
  6. cd

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    Eric, do you live in the bay area? I can't find any reptile people out here! Are there any organizations or anything around here that you know of? I can't find anything local.
    Ya, definately take your girl freind out there if you can. I see them in the stow lake, (the big lake with the island and all the boats.) They are all over the edge. Hurry though, they are planning to drain the lake for renovation as soon as the heron babies leave the nest. (Poor little turtles.) I hope they have figured out a way not to disturb them when they do this, but I don't see how thats possible. :p
  7. Kiryu

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    Here in WI, we only see Painteds, I've never seen a RES in the wild before. :)

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