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    Hello I have just gotten my new iguana and he made a long trip to get to my place. He has already had a fecal sample done but that was alittle while ago and I just noticed today after his bath that there is some minor scale loss about mid way up from the tip of his tail. It doesn't seem swollen but there are still some scales that look like they might come off and a small bare spot already.

    I called my rep vep and he said it could be from stress and if he can still tail whip I shouldn't worry about it yet as he was travelling for a while and may have scrapped it or something.

    Can I get some thoughts on this from others who may have encounted the same problem. He is only a juvi and I want him to live a long time and be healthy!!

    He is a gorgeous green right now and had alittle to eat today and seems to be sleeping well. Maybe I am just too concerned but thought that I might check anyway. Also the scales that still look like they might come off are alittle yellowish.

    Shannon & Herman

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