So where in Florida are you all?

Discussion in 'Florida Reptile Nuts' started by Axe, Jun 2, 2002.

  1. tomgfd

    tomgfd Embryo

    New here, just joined. Site looks awesome. I live clermont which is about an hour from orlando.

    1.1 leopard geckos
    0.0.1 normal corn snake
    0.0.1 southern ringneck snake
    0.2 inidgo pacific geckos
    and lots of spiders and inverts.
  2. goodiegodess

    goodiegodess Embryo

    Tallahassee, I be liven here since I was 4! so that'd be 8 year I've been living in florida.
  3. Katt

    Katt Moderator

    i live with you axe!!<--------sarasota
  4. voodoo13

    voodoo13 Embryo

    St. Augustine Fl here.
  5. quixilver

    quixilver Embryo

    Just joined, don't have my Leo yet, but I can't wait!

    Sebring, FL here! (basically BFE)
  6. cricketnutz

    cricketnutz Embryo

  7. Samael

    Samael Embryo

    Saint Augustine, the small little place between jax and daytona. New to snakes, not to reptiles though. I have had bearded dragons, a leapord gecko, a savanah monitor, and my brother has a russian tortoise. I know have two sand boas though, and the savanah is going to my friend who it was originally for, but had no way to keep it until now.
  8. Jacksonville
  9. dreyer1

    dreyer1 Embryo

    oakland florida here.
  10. I'm in Miami, but usually drive up to Orlando every 3 months "Really big Disney World and Universal Studios-Islands of Adventure fan" lol :D
  11. Call me OLD but I love EPCOT, we went earlier in the year and are going back in November. It's great to live so close, you can wait till the Summer is over and all the people head home. No waiting in 3 hour lines, 100 degree weather and you don't get pissed at all the people because you can't move.
  12. LMAO!!!! Yup that's all true! But hey I've noticed that no matter what month I go in that place is always packed with people, major lines, and the weather is always hot and humid except when you go anywhere between late Oct-Mar then it's too cold for me!!!! I don't like the cold weather maybe because I'm used to the heat but then again sometimes the heat drives me insane so I just don't know where to stick myself anymore!!! lol
  13. myboysma

    myboysma Embryo

    West Palm Beach
  14. NonstickRon

    NonstickRon Embryo

    I live in the Daytona Beach area. I've got a Leo, hopefully a beardie soon. Looking for a good price on an friendly adolescent.
  15. rdeandavidson

    rdeandavidson Embryo

    Hi all! I'm from Palm Beach County. I really like the format of this site and hope to get some really good info from all. :)
  16. illrevue

    illrevue Embryo

    winter park , 1.2 coastalxjungle carpet pythons
  17. We live in Pinellas Park...near Tampa/St. Pete
  18. outsdr2

    outsdr2 Embryo

    Hey People. Palm Beach reptile nut reporting in. 8)
  19. 91foxbody

    91foxbody Embryo

    Naples, FL. Currently in Orlando though.
  20. Hi all!!!! Newbie here. Living in Pensacola now, spent the last 7 years in Jacksonville at Mayport Naval Station. Now that I'm finished with sea duty I'm looking forward to getting that beardie I've wanted for the last ten years.

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