So where in Florida are you all?

Discussion in 'Florida Reptile Nuts' started by Axe, Jun 2, 2002.

  1. big_chuck

    big_chuck Embryo

    Venice here, nice to know they are so many south Florida people here.
  2. MeekasMom

    MeekasMom Embryo

    old topic but i figured i would add in, even though i now live in knoxville tennessee, i am florida born and raised for 20 years. just moved to tennessee in oct 06.

    i lived in the bradenton florida area (saw a couple others on here, but its just south of tampa)

    i never thought id say it, but i kinda miss my old hometown.

    so just wanted to say hi to all the other floridians, since i am one too. :-D
  3. josh_p

    josh_p Embryo

    Longwood...near Orlando.
  4. Collard

    Collard Embryo

    Fixing to move to Palm Bay! Anyone know the area? We're going down in July to check it out. I hope all goes well so we can move in, in August
  5. Dragonlass

    Dragonlass Embryo

    Im from Miami Florida! yay for the Sunshine Staters!
  6. PurpleParrot

    PurpleParrot Embryo

    heyy :D
    i'm from an itty bitty town in central florida called Brooksville. it's closest to Spring Hill and about an hour from Tampa if that helps at all lol :roll:
  7. routzong

    routzong Embryo

    How goes it. I'm here in Jacksonville.
  8. RobertII

    RobertII Embryo

    I know where you live :D
    I go to croom all the time.
    I live about 45 min South of Tampa in Sarasota
  9. MikeD

    MikeD Embryo

    I lived in North Port for about 10 years but recently moved to Ft Myers for college.
  10. I live in davie... way down south. =)
  11. RobertII

    RobertII Embryo

    Trogdor_The_Burninator Welcome To & the Florida Forum!
    Glad you are here.

  12. xXWylde_ManXx

    xXWylde_ManXx Embryo

    I live in Wellington, which is in West Palm Beach.
    I just sold an Albino Blue Tegu(got ripped off big time - only got $200), but I'm looking for some kind of albino milksnake. Maybe an Albino Tangerine Honduran.
  13. i live in casselberry near orlando
  14. little98dime

    little98dime Embryo

    St. Augustine here. Got 1 female leo.
  15. dogking

    dogking HOTM Winner September

    jacksonville and i have 2 leos and a bearded dragon!
  16. tradernick

    tradernick Embryo

    I live in Kissimmee and have a business here and one in Orlando :)
  17. SafariTom

    SafariTom Embryo

    Hi Guys

    We live in Sarasota as well... Got any kids? We are looking to make friends with reptile people too...

  18. Ratman667

    Ratman667 Embryo

    Jacksonville here. Atlantic Beach to be exact
  19. veggieberger

    veggieberger Embryo

    Hi all !! I'm new here to this forum, I live in Orlando, well, Sanford to be exact...
    I have 3 , Thomas, Mallory and Geneveive
    1 crested,Gum Drop
    1 Bearded dragons, Riley
    2 dogs, Bridgette and Hope
    3 ferrets, Noah, Gregory and Debby
    3 turtles, Map, musk and 3 striped mud, ZRockey, Bernie and Jennifer
  20. Katt

    Katt Moderator

    Right above you, Sarasota.

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