stone plastic flooring

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    It is because of its wear resistance that the stone-plastic floor is protected and the natural audience is wider. In the home decoration, it can be used for the decoration of the large living room, and can also be used Better Homes And Garden Bench Replacement Slats in public places such as hospitals, schools, office buildings, etc. The stone-plastic floor also has a very high elasticity and impact resistance. Compared with the wooden floor, it can reduce the impact of the ground on the human body to a greater extent. The appearance of the stone-plastic floor is very attractive.
    The surface of the stone-plastic floor is very smooth and the lines are realistic, and it has been praised by the construction industry as ��a model of high-tech new waterproof materials for masonary walls materials in the 21st century��. So don't worry, the stone-plastic floor is not monotonous and single, it has a lot of patterns and colors. The stone plastic floor is mainly divided into two types: composite type and homogenous body. The composite stone-plastic floor has a wear-resistant layer, so it has a good wear resistance, but the homogenous body of the stone-plastic floor has no wear-resistant layer, and its wear resistance is a bit poor, so it is not suitable waterproof laminate flooring seams for people.

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