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    Very simply I would like a list of common bearded dragon stress triggers and how I can fix them if they are present. I know that there are a lot of things that can cause stress but anything you can give me would be appreciated.

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    Most of the common stress causers have to do with basic husbandry:
    Improper temperatures--either too hot or too cold
    • Improper humidity--too dry when trying to shed or too humid for extended periods
    • Improper diet/supplementation--protein/vitamin/calcium deficiency, etc.; too large of prey items; infrequent feedings
    • Improper lighting--lack of UVB light; MVB too close to basking spot; malfunctioning UVB bulb (too high or too low of levels being produced, possibly causing eye issues); red/black/blue lights causing eye strain; too much light at night (including red/"night" lights--these can be seen by diurnal lizards); too little light during the day

    There are a couple of random ones I can think of...
    • All glass tanks--open spaces feel exposed and dangerous for most animals, and beardies don't understand the concept of "clear walls." In a tank with glass on all sides, they may feel exposed to the entire room. This can be easily corrected by placing visual barriers on at least the back and two sides of the tank--either some kind of background or even simply paper taped to the back or a towel/blanket hung from the sides (but keep fabric away from the heat lights!)
    • Excessive noise/activity around cage--a little hustle and bustle is fine, but hearing shouting or loud music or TV being played all the time can obviously be stressful
    • Drafts/fumes--keep away from vents, windows, doors to the outside, etc.; also keep away from anywhere potentially near fume creating objects, like ovens/stoves, places where perfumes, aerosols are sprayed frequently, etc. (Not only are these stressful, but they are also potentially fatal.)

    And of course, beardies have pretty unique personalities, so you will pick up on what stresses your individual girls out as well. For example, Loki becomes extremely distressed whenever he gets poop or food on himself (He's a prissy boy.), whenever his hammock is taken away (I'm sorry, little man, but it has to be cleaned! Stop giving me that look!), or whenever he hears or sees unfamiliar people in the house. He also became very distraught this one time I shouted at him to stop him from eating a cookie crumb...So yeah, for some of it you just have to figure out what they like and what they don't like. It's a learning process but I think it gives them character, haha. =P

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    cammy, you made me "D'awww" :'D

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