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    I recently have read that sand is not good for leopard geckos as it can cause health issues. I got two female leopard geckos from someone who had previously owned them for 2-3 years. They had housed the geckos in a 20 gallon tank with sand that was relatively rough. I went out and got some Reptilite calcium sand for them because it is softer. Now they certainly do sit on the sand more often! I was wondering if it is okay for me to use sand. I keep their mealies in a small bowl that has no sand in it so they wont ingest any.
    I am open to trying new substrates, but as these geckos have been living with sand substrate for 2-3 years before without any problems, I was wondering if this would be an issue. Thank you for any help, I want to take the best care of my geckos!!

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