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    so on. English name: fiber cement board Cement fiber board, also known as fiber cement board. Is based on silicon, calcium-based materials, adding plant fibers, high temperature autoclaved cured a new type of building materials. Generally does not contain asbestos, with good compressive strength, in the course of the use of toxic gases or radiation will not produce, is an environmentally friendly, pollution-
    free, fire and drought-resistant building materials. Specifications and implementation of the standard 1, the specifications of its conventional specifications: length: 2000mm-2440mm; width: 1000mm-1220mm; common thickness: 4-12mm; currently in the domestic thickness can be extended 2.5mm-90mm, Generally 1200 �� 2400 or 1220 �� 2440, the former is the domestic general standard, the latter is the
    international standard. (Other smaller size can be cut arbitrarily). 2, the implementation of standards Implementation of standards: GB25970-2010 "non-combustible inorganic composite board"; JC / T412.1-2006 "fiber cement board" Part I: Asbestos fiber cement board. Main features 1, fire-retardant non-combustible cement fiber board A-class, the fire will not burn plate, will not produce toxic smoke; low
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