Terrapin not eating!! need advice

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  1. I got my terrapin a few days ago..and he was active the first few day's but today he's seeming weak and his eyes haven't been fully opening..and i've been feeding him everyday the food the pet shop man gave me but he hasent ate any of it..i've tried feeding him myself..feeding him in a seprate tank i don't know what else to do!..please could anyone help?!
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    first of all, commercial 'turtle sticks' like reptomin and mazuri should not be a turtle's primary food source. aquatic turtles should eat mostly crickets, earthworms, brine shrimp, blood worms, and fruits and veggies (like banana, dandelion greens, romain lettuce, and berries). hatchlings usually won't eat the fruits and veggies, but as they get older they will eat more and more fruits and vegetables. by the timy they are an adult their diets should consist of about 75% crickets, worms, blood worms, etc and about 25% fruits and veggies. the commercial 'turtle sticks' should only be given as a snack (2 or 3 sticks per week). also, turtles eat very little. you have to keep that mind. one of the most common mistakes new turtle owners make is feeding their turtles too much. aquatic turtles under the age of 1 year should be fed the amount of food that would fit in their head, once per day. as adults they should have the amount of food that would fit their head only about 5 times per week (i wouldn't skip 2 days in a row, though).
    as for him not eating; you say he hasn't eaten anything? he may be simply stressed out about getting a new home. he also may not have enough room. an aquatic turtle should have at least 10 gallons of enclosure space per inch of turtle shell. so if you have a turtle that has a 3 inch shell, it should have at least a 30 gallon tank. most aquatic turtles also need a place where they can completely get out of the water to bask. this area should be dry and under a heat lamp. this basking area must also have a uv bulb above it. uv light is vital to most aquatic turtles' shells.
    what worries me is that you say his eyes aren't opening. since you said he came from a petshop i wouldn't be surprised at all if he has some sort of eye infection. you need to take him to a veterinarian who is willing to look at reptiles and amphibians. only a veterinarian can give you the medication you will need to treat your turtle. also, do his eyes appear puffy, swollen or red? is there any discharge coming from his nose or eyes? does he have trouble swimming or staying under the water? does he swim lop-sided?
  3. Thankyou so much!..that's really helped alot.

    Chloe :lol:
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    no problem! i really hope you can take him to a vet and that he gets better soon! :lol:

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