The 13 egg clutch of 2013!

Discussion in 'Photos & Photography' started by supernova, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. supernova

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    The 13 egg clutch of 2013 is truly a year of the snake Python Regius clutch has finally hatched out and awaiting first shed. This is Normal Type Het red axanthic X Pastel. Hatched 9 Pastels and 4 normal Types. We cut the eggs at day 53 but they decided to stay cozy in side the eggs until day 62. Awesome outcome for the first clutch of the season! Pictured is Part of the clutch with eggs cut followed my first out.
    halfclutch.png lucid_5.jpg
  2. dogking

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    Nice! thats a beautiful BP right there!
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    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    13!! Phew... bet she lost some weight after that one!

    Congrats on the clutch Rob!
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  4. supernova

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    She was nothing but skin, lol. She ate right away and is already back up to weight. What a trooper. Here is a photo of all of them together just about to shed. I will get another group photo after they shed maybe in the next few days. :) We lost one Pastel premature, It rolled in the egg and didn't make it but that's not bad for a clutch so big. bABIES-reduced.jpg
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    My goodness! That is a big clutch! So cute though :) Look at all of them all nice and balled up :)
  6. supernova

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    I plan to hold back any females in hopes her size carries genetically. She was around the 4000g mark when she laid them. :)

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