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    The exhibitors are more active, booth sold out as early as demand, so popular exhibition is quite rare in China, called the building materials industry a major event. A number of well-known brands at home and abroad A large number of internationally renowned brands and domestic brands have participated in the show,
    so that the level of the show has been further enhanced. Such as the kitchen bathroom categories are Cassio, Huida, China Yida, the real name, SENGPAR, famous, Stone, Ya Jie, Baiyi kitchen, elegant Wan Shi Yi, Ming Carpenter Xuan, Han Li, Swiss, the federal,
    Wei Lai Shi, Wei Ting, Sofitel, Jetta, Shangpin, Dr. home, elegant, round square, and other famous brands. Ceramics bathroom industry exhibitors There are on the yuan EU, Rongguan building materials, etc., only the Foshan area sanitary ware exhibitors dozens of as many.
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