the medium-density fiberboard

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    Ikea and Songbao Kingdom. In addition to the solid wood materials for the Pine Fort King's bedside table, the rest are plate types. The results of testing by a third-party testing agency showed that the amount of formaldehyde released was lower than the 1.5 mg/L limit specified in the new national standard.
    (Assay results are shown in the figure) Among them, Colorful Life’s pink sheet locker was the most toxic, with a formaldehyde release of 1.0mg/L in the medium-density fiberboard, exceeding the minimum formaldehyde level claimed by the company.
    Release amount (0.3mg/L). However, the formaldehyde emission contained in the chipboard is 0.3 mg/L, which is its claimed release. However, this is still higher than the emission of formaldehyde from particleboard that is inhabited by cool people and IKEA.
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