This made me cry - A Puppy's Story

Discussion in 'Animal Adoptions' started by Kathy_and_Bert, Jan 25, 2007.

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    I did a work experiance at woodside animal shelter once. I wanted to work with animals because i thought the shelters helped them but more often than not its where they go to die.

    I was shocked when they put 3 middle aged, perfectly healthy dogs, in bin liners, in the back of the vets van like it was an every day normal occurrence. Now i'm training to be a games designer :S
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    yea cold reality hurts. But I suppose animals being domesticated has turned them into a comodity that can in some ways be treated like that. And I'm sure the staff there who did that job are not unfeeling but probably have to pull away from it to prevent them becoming to emotionally invovlved. could you imagine having the feelings you had then everyday of your job. You gotta take the good with the bad in positions like that the system is not perfect. They say it is down to funding.... I think some laws need to change
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    i must say that made me cry a grown man, me and my fiance have a baby on the way and we live in michigan, not the best state for a good economy or for raising a kid. we have three great danes amongst other repitles, and were considering moving to indiana, where all my family is from (dustin). But in order to do so we would have to get rid of our dogs, to stay with my mother for a while to get on our feet there. we were considering adopting them out to a great dane shelter, but after reading that there is no way in hell i could ever get rid of a pet ever. we will just have to have faith in God that we will be able to make it their when the time is right. But i can not get rid of my dogs that i love so much. Thank you for this post, i was obviously meant to read it tonight and kept us from making a stupid decision. Miricales happen every day we just dont always see them
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    That is a beautifully sad story that will remain stuck in my head for a long time. We've had two beautiful dogs for 8 years and I couldnt imagine my life without them.
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    Ok Wow That Made Me Cry (Stil Am) We Have Always Gone TO The Shelter To Get Our Cats And Dogs Have yellow Lab For 9 Years Now From One And A Cat For 4 years!! (im going to print that out)
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    very very sad what a cruel world it is for dogs :cry:
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    that story is sooo sad but beautiful to open people's eyes to the coldness of what goes on in reality :)
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    and yes... i did cry too
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    i cried like a baby ...some people realy suck...i couldnt give any of my critters away ... :cry:
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    Iforgot to put some dogs.some dogs are very well cared for.
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    I took in a cat that my sisters neighbors didn't want. They asked her if she wanted it and when she said no they just threw him outside and kicked at him when he tried to come in. So I took him home and had him checked out at the vet. He need everything; deworming, shots, declawing, ear mite treatments twice, and neutering. Well after the bombardment of medical treatment Lance decided to hate me and does to this day. I am not allowed to pet him, he will only run away. On the other hand he loves my 5 year old son he absolutly adores him and my other cat.
    He is annoying he likes to gorge, puke and re-eat his food. Will piss on the floor if the litter box has the least smell (we have one that cleans itself and he still does it every other week). But for as much as I am not bonded to him I could not be cruel enough to take him away from everything he knows and loves. I won't teach my son that pets are disposable. Lance had it hard enough in his first year of life, as much as he tries my patience I could not be as cruel as the people in the story.
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    This is really sad. I volunteer at our local no-kill animal center. I really enjoy helping the dogs and it's nice because unless they become very sick and there isn't any hope for them we don't kill our animals. Unfortunately though there are very few no-kill shelters and people will probably never learn to spay and neuter their pets. As much love as there is in the world many people prefer to share it with family and not think of adopting a dog in need. Or they see one in a petstore and prefer the puppy to the adult.
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    i have to say that is one of the saddest things ive read. wish i could see my dog, but hes at home and im away at school.
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    im so sad after reading this, cried and cried. wanted to stop half way through but couldnt.Dogs are such great animals and not enough people realise the HUGE comittment that comes with them they should be a part of your family till the day they die.God reading that hurt :cry:
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    that was sad expecially because of how many dogs i've found and had that ended up euthanised, makes me think of my last puppy my mom refused to keep him b/c he "wasnt a breeder" not that she knew crap about breeding mini schnauzers, my lil buddy Zip, god i miss him
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    wow thats sad
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    I remember reading that about three years ago... that teared me up quite a bit.. it still does.
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    That was very nice, not the type to cry or anything but if i was i no i would have.
    im going to show my mom the next time i go home. she will cry for sure :wink: lol

    thanks for sharing

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    Life isn't easy for any of our 4 legged furry friends..

    Everyday I go threw hearing that I should give away my rabbit (Buddy) cause he is my baby and I can't just get rid of something that is now family to me. I am worried everyday now cause of me moving in March that I can't take him with me.. but in anyway, I am making sure that he is either with me or with someone I know will take good care of him and love him the way I do.

    I am still chocked about that reading "sniffle".

    Just recently my dad built a nook for my rabbit forcing me to be putting him outside away from me... like they do to all of my animals. Letting them live within the house until they can't put up with something about them and throw them outside.

    It is sad, but I think that people need to start realizing that animals need love just like you or me.
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    that made me cry it was sssooo sad im gona print it so i can share it around

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