This made me cry - A Puppy's Story

Discussion in 'Animal Adoptions' started by Kathy_and_Bert, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. Annababe

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    I won't lie. I cried.

  2. bxredkilla973

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    ok i cried it couldnt be helped my foster baby was in the same situation and is now with me until she finds a home. it makes me really sad that it could have been her
  3. craziiikris10

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    my mom sobbed when she read this...
  4. onsidlives

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    I took it in to one of my classes and the teacher read it...even some of the guys in the class teared up and this one chick said it was a stupid story and she got in trouble.
  5. 00luke00

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    I think its time to sticky this.. i think it will be good for people to be able to read this, so we don't want it getting lost if it does die down in the thread lists :)
  6. Dragongirl434

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    That is sooo sad. I cried.
  7. geckogirlie

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    Wow do you not have foster homes i foster but i had to stop for a bit cause my mother died :) but if i ws in ur area if be glad to foster and help out i love all animals they are apart of my life and a big part in my heart <3

    that story made me cry :)
  8. froggymatt

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    sorry...tear in my eye and german shepherd fur in my nose...had to go give her a big furry hug! yes...even grown men cry!

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