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    Okay so! I'm SUPER excited! I actually seperated my geckos about a week ago to prevent breeding, and I came home and there are TWO eggs in my females tank! I know nothing about incubating them and my dad saw them this morning and poked them thinking I was pulling something on him so I don't if he damaged them... I need to know everything. Espically how to move them. image.jpg
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    Hopefully you have a set-up ready to go to incubate them... You should look in to providing a egg laying box for your tokay from now on - you can make a very basic one out of a tupperware with a hole cut in the top or side and fill the inside about 1 to 2 inches deep with moist eco-earth, vermiculite, cocofiber, etc.

    For most reptile eggs they should not be rolled at all. The best way to move them is to mark them with a felt tip marker with a little dot or line so you know which way is "up" and then very gently pick them up and place them in to your incubating container. If they are stuck to something make sure to take that "something" with you to the incubator. Also, be careful not to actually get them wet, but you also usually want to keep the substrate around them slightly damp. Also, don't bury them in to your incubating substrate, they should be half covered.
    Hope that helps...
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    Also if they do hatch, REMOVE THE BABIES IMMEDIATELY. Tokays are lizard eaters, and will cannibalize smaller geckos, even if they're the same species.
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    Wow, good to point out.... can't believe I forgot that! lol. Thank you!

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