Tokay gecko death...?

Discussion in 'Tokay Geckos' started by tokaygirl55, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. tokaygirl55

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    Well... About a week ago I came home and my tokay gecko was dead... I don't know what happened to him so I'd appreicate of someone could give me a diagnosis to make sure it doesn't happen to my female. I was pretty horrified when it happened so I might not have noticed all the details.
    1) He was stiff
    2) He'd been dark colored for a while but was brightly colored when I found him
    3) Stomache bloated
    4) Eyes seemed to be sunk in
    5) He had been eating and pooping
    6) Black cuts on his back... My mom said it looked like the skin split...
    7) he had never been overweight
    8) Couldn't climb on glass walls
    9) Making more or a shrieking instead of croaking noise when I would grab him
    10) recently had eggs with my female
    11) had been acting like this ever since I switched him to his(much better and cleaner) tank
    He is also originally wild and may have had parasites but he's never acted odd before. We don't know how old he was. But he was full grown.
  2. JoshSnakeman

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    I would like ask the same question, I had this with one of my Mediterranean geckos before. Shrieking is understandable, geckos, unlike most lizards, produce vocalizations like this, and frankly, Tokays don't like being handled. Sometimes switching tanks is pretty stressful for small lizards, as is the mating process. What were you feeding him? You mentioning he was a wild caught also puts up the question as to whether he had internal parasites (which quite often wild caughts do).
  3. tokaygirl55

    tokaygirl55 New Member

    I fed him crickets dusted with this calcium powder. I just started the calcium powder recently actually. image.jpg And for the sound, he'd always croak and be very vocal and this sound was completely new. He also didnt run away or fight back when I picked him up to put him on the glass or for something for him to climb on.
  4. tokaygirl55

    tokaygirl55 New Member

  5. Tim3skimo

    Tim3skimo New Member

    Go see a vet or a herp vet.
  6. tokaygirl55

    tokaygirl55 New Member

    None in my area. Parents wouldn't let me anyway. But I had her light on a while and she seemed to perk up. I've had it on all day today so I'll check to see how she is. She may have just been cold at the time.
  7. spaceboy

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    I don't see why you would bring an animal from the wild indoors to live in a terrarium... Reptiles in the wild can survive with parasites because they always move around to new areas, in a viv the lizard lives with the multiplying parasites and it just gets worse. Also stress is a big issue, considering how much smaller of a home the lizard has, coming from outdoors with unlimited space, to living in a glass tank... just saying.
  8. tokaygirl55

    tokaygirl55 New Member

    Well we didn't exactly ask for them. My grandfather all the way in Florida caught them and sent them up to us and then called us saying he was sending them and I can't exactly release them outside either since its going to be snowing.
  9. spaceboy

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    whatever the circumstances I'm just explaining why she is probably not feeling well. Maybe look up some good herp vet and give them a call for some counceling over the phone.
  10. StikyPaws312

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    You can find a reptile vet in your area using this site: Link.

    What is his new tank set-up include? Can you please answer these questions so we have a better idea of what's going on:
    1. What substrate are you using?
    2. What sized enclosure?
    3. What are your warm side temperatures?
    4. How are the temperatures measured?
    5. What are you using as your heat source?
    6. Do you have any method of regulating the temperatures?
    7. How many hides do you have for your tokay? What are they?
    8. What food have you offered?
    9. How often do you offer food?
    10. Are you supplementing the food? If so, with what and how often?
    11. How old is your tokay?
    12. How long have you had your tokay?
    13. Was she being housed with the male?
    14. Could she be egg-bound?
    15. Give a little detail about the behavior as of late...
  11. tokaygirl55

    tokaygirl55 New Member

    Thank you. She does seem to be better lately, I think it was just because the day was particularly cold(I've adjusted the lamp)

    1. Newspaper that I change regularly
    2. 18x 18x 20x(tall)
    3. Warm side is about 85-90 cool side is about 75-80
    4. A non digital analog.
    5. A black light heat lamp(open curtains for extra light during the day)
    6. I raise or lower the lamp if I notice a change in temperature.
    7. I have one hide I keep on the ground which is has plastic sides and a bush on top.
    8. I usually feed her large crickets. I've also offered super worms which she did not eat.
    9. Every few days. Usually every other unless I see that there is still a cricket in there.
    10. I use a calcium suplement about once a week.
    11. She is a few years if I was to guess
    12. I've had her for 6 and a half months.
    13. I seperated her from the male when I got then their new tanks about a month ago
    14. She layed eggs a few weeks ago and has been guarding them which I think had something to do with it(I actually seperated them to keep this from happening but apparently they had other ideas)
    15. Lately she has been climbing on the wall, but has been a little dark in color. Pretty active at night though.

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