Tokay in The Philippines

Discussion in 'Tokay Geckos' started by LalaLeah, May 2, 2010.

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    I've been meaning to share this with all of you Tokay lovers for a while :). My mother took me on one of her trips to The Philippines last summer, and we were lucky enough to see a big, beautiful male Tokay on her friend's back porch! He barked almost all night, and even came out to visit us for a few minutes before going back under the support beam. We also got to hear some Filipino folklore about the Tokay (which they call "tak-oh" because that's the sound it makes :)). If the Tokay barks an odd number of times, it's good luck. If he barks seven times, it's even better luck! Anyway, here are the pics of the Tokay we saw. Sorry about the blurriness. My camera doesn't take the best night pics. Hope you all enjoy!



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