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    So I'm pretty sure that my tokay gecko is eating very little if any at all. I purchased him for $3 at a reptile show and was informed by the seller that he wasn't eating well. I keep and breed leopard geckos but decided I would like to have a tokay gecko as a "display" pet. I went to the show with the plan to purchase a tokay gecko (I already had his terrarium set up and have done tons of research) and I figured I would be willing to give him more individual care then someone who had 100+ reptiles. As soon as I can get a stool sample (assuming he eats enough to defecate) I am taking it to the vet to be tested for parasites. Is there a slurry similar to the one used for leopard geckos that I could feed him with until I get the results of fecal exam? I have him in a sterilite container, not sure of the exact size but it is taller then it is wide. I have moist paper towels as the substrate, along with a water dish, a terrestrial hide, and a hollow piece of cork bark that spans from the top of the container to the floor. I also have several fake plants arranged around the top. The lid has been altered such that it has a piece of screen in the middle of it to allow for ample air flow. The humidity remains between 70-90%. I am heating it with a CHE which is thermostat controlled to keep one corner of the container at 90F the ambient temperatures everywhere else range from 78-82F. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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