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  1. Groovenaut

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    Hi everyone! I'm in Fort Myers and I'm trying to find a pair of tokays.

    Does anyone know of a breeder in the area? I contacted a company in Sarasota who turned out to be a wholesaler and didn't answer any of my questions about morphs, sexing, pricing and whether or not I could pick them up myself rather than have them shipped. (I'd rather bring new babies home myself instead of potentially putting them in harms way by having them shipped)

    I'm interested in any morphs, but I do like the powder blues, patternless and the blue/green granites a lot, and I'm looking for a male/female pair.

    Can anyone send me in the right direction?

  2. xomissi

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    Amazing Pets in Naples has some Tokays. :D
  3. tokaygirl55

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    I used to live in Florida. I have a pair of Tokays that were actually a birthday gift from my grandfather and they're wild caught. Tokay geckos ARE an invasive species so if you do find some wild ones, I would get those because you're probably doing the state a favor. But if you don't want to spend the time taming them I'd get them from a pet store.
  4. Tim3skimo

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