Tough shed and Kink.

Discussion in 'General Snakes' started by Faeze, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Faeze

    Faeze New Member

    Well, I've just started using this again and I figured I may as well get all my questions out at once.

    My first is about My King snake. When he was given to me, I was told he had a slight kink, which he did. It didn't look like much, and really didn't appear to be bothering him. Now though, it appears to bulge slightly as he has gotten bigger, and I'm fearful that it might be a hinderance to him as he gets bigger. It doesn't appear to hurt him when I touch it, but of course I don't know that. Does anyone have any general information on stuff like this? Is it repairable? Should I have him checked with no visible signs of discomfort?

    The second is about my Corn. She has just shed, and I'm noticing a lot of dry, half shed skin stuck to her face, around her eyes, and on her belly. Everything was fine before the shed, but I checked today and it's just sticking off, much like me leopard gecko's does now and then after a shed. She was even rubbing her face on the tank, her substrate, etc. as though it was irritating her (which I'm sure it is.) Is this worse than just a tough shed? How can I help her?

  2. Karlee

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    If you are really worried about the shed, you can give her a warm bath. That is what I do with my lizards (even though Jimmety Cricket doesnt like it) when they are shedding. If she doesnt improve, consider a vet visit.

    And about the kink, can you post a pic? Does it look irratated or pussy? Is it hard or soft? I would suggest a vet visit since prey animals are very good at hiding signs of discomfert.
  3. Faeze

    Faeze New Member

    I'll try the bath, thank you =)

    And as for the kink, he moves every time I try, and with only one hand it's difficult to get a pic. So I'll hafta wait for someone to help me out. But the kink really doesn't feel much different than the rest of him. It's a tad hard in the places it bulges out, but nothing more.
    What causes a kink anyways?
  4. Karlee

    Karlee Member

    They are caused by as number of factors - such as incubation mishaps, frantic flailing, physical injuries, and occasionally genetic inheritance. Some are apparent right out of the egg and others may form or develop in the months and years after hatching. The severity of the kink can range from barely noticeable to detrimental. There is no cure for a kink or other structural deformity.

    Well, I would just say leave it be unless you see more signs of discomfert. Unfortuantly, the only real cure is euthenizing the animal. I wouldnt worry right now, he seems healthy.

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    Where exactly is the kink?

    Its my understanding that kinks are a result of spine deformities for a variety of reasons- depending on the location and how it affects the snake, it may not be an issue. Some snakes, and even phenotypes (morphs) of some snakes are prone to kinks (ie. Caramel Albino Ball Pythons). For the most part, the snakes can thrive, shed, breed, grow, etc just fine. But sometimes it can result in an inability to feed or function properly, and when the quality of life is jeopardized, thats when you have to consider your options.

    And I second the bath - you can place the snake in a plastic container with dampened rags for a half hour or so and allow it to move about through the damp rags/towels as well. The humidity and moisture will help to loosen the skin, and the movement over the fabric can help to remove residual shed.

    Edit: I apologize if anything was repeated, it looks like we were writing up responses at about the time.
  6. Faeze

    Faeze New Member

    -sigh- That's saddening. But it's what I suspected. He eats, and he's alert and active. So I suppose I'll just watch to be sure it doesn't bother him. If it worsens I'll certainly take him though.
    Thanks for the info! Really appreciate it.
  7. Faeze

    Faeze New Member

    Jeff - sorry! I replied before your post!

    It's really close to the center of his body, maybe more towards his tail. At this point he eats like a champ. So no problems there as far as I can see.

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    You may find this interesting, and informational:
  9. Faeze

    Faeze New Member

    Holy! Here I'm thinking my little man is in danger just judging by the size of his kink. It's absolutely nothing compared to those lovelies, and it totally gives me some hope to see they're doing perfectly fine. Thanks for the video!

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