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Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by For the love of Lizzie, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. For the love of Lizzie

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    So...I love to take Lizzie out and let her run around and hang out on my shoulder. She gets cold though. I have a spot incandescent light that I sit near when she is on my shoulder but what other ideas do you guys have or suggestions regarding keeping her warm while out and about and also what about warmth if we go in car for a ride? Portable light source?

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    About how long do you keep her out at a time?

    Generally, you don't want to take them out after a meal. Otherwise, I think beardies are fairly tolerant of being out of their enclosure for longer periods of time than other reptiles. You'll be able to get a "feel" for what she wants... as long as she continues to eat, poop, and behave normally (alert, basking) then you can can handle her regularly. Conditions aren't always uniform and perfect in nature... I liken having a beardie out in the house to one hiding under some vegetation on an overcast or rainy time of the day in the wild.

    The spot incandescent would be good for sitting around the house. For car rides, you might consider a human heating pad (set on low) and/or wrapping her in a baby blanket. Beardies seem to like soft things, and my guy will often snuggle up in a blanket if given the chance. In fact, I wrap him in a blanket during brumation and he would sleep through the entire winter wrapped up if I let him.

    *As a side note - always be sure your dragon is secure in the car or otherwise supervised. For both your safety driving and for theirs!
  3. For the love of Lizzie

    For the love of Lizzie New Member

    Great information! Thank you!
    We keep her out about 20 min. Usually not after eating but will make a fine point of avoiding post prandial out and abouts henceforth. Excellent suggestion about heating pad. I also read somewhere for travel can use those warm packs they sell for winter to stuff in mittens.

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