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    We are approved breeder of all breed of Tortoises/turtles and we run a reptile farm . We have males , females , babies and Tested Proven breeding pairs of all the breeds listed below . we sale the various types of tortoise Elegans Tortoises , Radiated Tortoises , Egyptian Tortoises , Russian Tortoises , Leopard Tortoise , Galapagos Tortoises , African Spurred , Star Tortoises , Sulcata Tortoises and Other Tortoises . If you are interested in Tortoise Breed , Contact me for more information and Pictures.contact via email(lilyjoce@gmail.com)

    Tortoise and Turtles:

    "Peace Sign" Red Footed Tortoise.
    Aberrant Leopard Tortoises.
    African Pancake Tortoise (Hatchlings and Yearlings).
    African Pancake Tortoise (Young Adults).
    Aldabra Tortoise.
    Aldabra Tortoise (Hatchlings).
    Aldabra Tortoise - 13 Year Olds.
    Amazon Basin Yellow Footed Tortoises.
    Black Cherry Head Red Footed Tortoise.
    Black Red Footed Tortoise.
    Black Yellow Footed Tortoise.
    Blonde Red Footed Tortoises.
    Bolivian Cherry Headed Red Footed Tortoise
    Burmese Black Mountain Tortoise.
    Burmese Brown Mountain Tortoise.
    Burmese Star Tortoise.
    Cherry Head Red Footed Tortoises.
    Chocolate Colored Red Footed Tortoise.
    Elongated Tortoises.
    Forstens Tortoise.
    Ghost Red Footed Tortoise.
    Golden Yellow Footed Tortoises:
    Grenada Island Red Footed Tortoises.
    High Color Red Footed Tortoises.
    High Colored Cherry Head Red Footed Tortoise.
    High White Leopard Tortoise.
    High Yellow Forstens Tortoise.
    High Yellow Indian Star Tortoises.
    Honey Colored Red Footed Tortoise.
    Indian Star Tortoises (Four and Five Year Olds).
    Ivory Cherry Head Red Footed Tortoise.
    Kleinman's Tortoise.
    Madagascar Flat Shelled Spider Tortoise.
    Malagasy Spider Tortoise.
    One Of A Kind Red Footed Tortoise.
    One Of A Kind Sulcatta Tortoise.
    Patterened Sulcatta Tortoises.
    Platinum Yellow Leucistic Red Footed Tortoise.
    Possible Hybrid Red Foot Yellow Foot Tortoises.
    Radiated Tortoise.
    Serrated Hinge Backed Tortoises.
    South African Giant Leopard Tortoises.
    Sri Lankan Star Tortoises.
    Sri Lankan Star Tortoises (2 to 3 Year Olds).
    Travancore Tortoise.
    Travencore, Elongated Hybrid Tortoises.

    Contact me for more information and Pictures.contact via email(lilyjoce@gmail.com)

    Chinemys nigricans.

    Rhinoclemmys diademata...

    Black Knob Sawback Turtle(Graptemys nigrinoda)Hatchling.

    Black Reeves Turtle(Mauremys reevesii).

    Golden Thread Turtle(Ocadia sinensis)Hatchling.

    Red-Eared Slider Turtle(Trachemys scripta elegans)Normal.

    Southern River Cooter(Pseudemys concinna concinna).

    Black Marsh Turtle(Pelusios subniger).

    Loggerhead Musk Turtle(Stenothurus minor minor.

    Diamondback Terrapin(Malaclemys terrapin terrapin)Juvenile.

    Mexican Ornate Slider(Trachemys venusta venusta)Juvenile.

    Eastern Mud Turtle(Kinosternon subrubrum).

    Yellow Mud Turtle(Kinosternon flavescens)Juvenile.

    pelusios Niger

    Black pond

    siebnenrockiella crassicollisturtles

    Contact me for more information and Pictures.contact via email(lilyjoce@gmail.com).

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