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    Hello everyone, I am new to these forums and I have come seeking help. Me and my husband have just recently within the last 3 weeks got two juvenile Nigerian Uromastyx. It turns out they were wild caught and had pinworms. We have been working with our local vet and recently gave them their first dose of medication. However, they are still loosing weight and not eating (we are still waiting to hear back from the vet on options). I was curious if anyone here experienced similar issues and how you helped them recover.
    Tank specifics: dimensions: 4x2x2 (feet)
    Basking temp around 125-130 (Originally was 120, I just raised it closer to 130+ since one day after bringing it up we saw one nibble a little on food but haven't seen it since)
    Cool side temp: around 90
    Temp tools: zoomed temp and humidity gauge and digital temp gun by cen-tech (not large gun but the small pocket sized one)
    Diet: large variety of greens (alternating spring mix and escarole), occasional butternut or acorn squash alternating with carrots, occasional zoomed flower topper dried flowers mix, and usually we offer millet seeds and lentils but we are holding off while they are dehydrated, and calcium dusting every 3 days (we set up a very strict and detailed daily feeding regiment)
    Baths: once a week (on vet order) in very shallow warm water for no more than 15 mins. I will be considering asking if we need to up it to 2 times a week while they aren't eating. I have confirmed both uro's drinking when soaking.
    Other observations: neither shows aggressive behavior towards the other, not even stacking as of late. Both are under a year old and was purchased from the same person at the same time. They have been living together for the entire time I have had them. One of them named Kurya acts weaker than the other, she tolerates our handling better and isn't as active. Our other one Sonngrad tolerates our handling much less and she seems to be more active than Kurya however, they both aren't very active much lately. Any help you guys offer is greatly appreciated thank you.

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